1. An organization chart conveys which of the following?
    The work performed by each unit
  2. The process by which different individuals and units perform specific parts of the larger task is called
  3. Coordination refers to
    the procedures that link the various parts of the organization to achieve the organization's overall mission.
  4. Authority is defined as
    he legitimate right to tell other people what to do.
  5. The board of directors overseeing an organization is responsible for
    all of the above
  6. The organizational pyramid is commonly called the
  7. Top management includes which of the following?
    Chief Financial Officer
  8. The three levels of the organizational hierarchy include
    top, middle and operational levels.
  9. The three broad levels of the organizational pyramid are called the
    organization hierarchy.
  10. Narrow spans of control build ____________ organizations.
  11. A wide span of control builds a ______________ organization.
  12. The optimal span of control should be wide when
    jobs are similar.
  13. The expectation that employees perform a job, that managers take corrective action when necessary and that employees report upward on the status and quality of their performance refers to
  14. The matrix organization today
    must be looked at as a process
  15. Learning organizations are good at
    shamelessly stealing ideas from other orginzations
  16. Total quality management is a way of managing in which __________ are committed to continuous improvement of the product/service
    all of the above
  17. McDonald's and Burger King have production processes that tend to be more standardized and all customers receive similar but not identical products. These are examples of
    large batch technology
  18. An operation that strives to achieve the highest possible productivity and total quality by eliminating unnecessary steps in the production process and continually strives for improvement is practicing
    lean manufacturing.
  19. n this organization, the ultimate authority rests with
  20. n the situation at Cookie Capers, the basic problem is that James has not supported your ___________ to carry out the ___________ you have been given.
    authority, responsibility
  21. n the situation at Cookie Capers, to complete your scheduling assignment you will have to rely more on
    informal influence tactics.
  22. One thing that Alyssa was considering was to be sure the firm focused on its competitiveness and managed its core competencies to obtain competitive advantage. Which of the following actions should Alyssa recommend to her boss to best accomplish this goal?
    Accumulate the right resources and eliminate resources that don't provide value
  23. Alyssa was considering forming a strategic alliance to enter a new market. In order to be the most successful at forming a strategic alliance Alyssa first recommended that her boss ____________ before making a decision to move forward with the strategic alliance.
    consider the other firm's area of expertise and its integrity
  24. Alyssa turned her attention to the technology changes that would have to happen for her firm to become more agile. Which of the following best reflects a technology change that her boss could successfully use in this situation?
    Flexible manufacturing.
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