10/10/11 (MA) Medical Terminology - Pg. 149

  1. aerophagia
    refers to swallowing air.
  2. anosmia
    is loss or impairment of sense of smell.
  3. apnea
    is a temporary cessation of breathing.
  4. aspirate
    refers to suction to remove fluids from body cavity.
  5. asthma
    is a respiratory condition marked by recurrent attacks of difficult or labored breathing accompanied by wheezing.
  6. atectasis
    is an abnormal condition characterized by collapse of alveoli.
  7. catheter
    is a hollow, flexible tube that can be inserted into a vessel or cavity of the body to withdraw or instill fluids.
  8. chondroma
    is a cartaginous tumor.
  9. COPD
    refers to a group of respiratory disorders characterized by chronic bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema.
  10. croup
    is an acute respiratory syndrome of childhood characterized by laryngeal obstruction an spasm barking cough, and stridor.
  11. diagnosis
    refers to use of scientific methods and medical skill to establish the cause and nature of a person’s illness.
  12. pharyngoplegia
    is paralysis of pharyngeal muscles.
  13. pleurisy
    inflammation of the pleura
  14. Pneumocystis
    is a type of pneumonia seen in patients with AIDS and debilitated children.
  15. pneumothorax
    is presence of air in the pleural cavity.
  16. pyothorax
    refers to presence of pus in chest.
  17. rhinoplasty
    refers to surgical repair or plastic surgery of the nose.
  18. TB
    is an infectious disease that produces small lesions or tubercles in the lungs.
  19. thoracentesis
    is a surgical puncture of the chest to remove fluid.
  20. tracheotomy
    is a surgical procedure that creates an opening through the neck into the trachea.
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10/10/11 (MA) Medical Terminology - Pg. 149
10/10/11 (MA) Medical Terminology - Pg. 149