1. What does the Half Value Layer quality control test determine?
    The test will determine if there is adequate filtration.
  2. What is the importance of having adequate filtration?
    Utilizing the proper amount of filtration will increase the quality of the x-ray beam, thereby insuring the patient does not receive uneccessary radiation.
  3. What is the purpose of measuring the Half Value Layer quality control test?
    The Half Value Layers are measured by a dosimeter to detect the quality of aluminum filtration that will reduce the beam intensity to half the original value.
  4. What kVp value is the HVL test measured at?
    The HVP is normally measured at 80 kVp.
  5. By selecting the "A" mode on the dosimeter, what does this represent?
    The "A" mode represents the mode used for testing basic radiographic equipment.
  6. What is the required HVL value at 80 kVp according to the FDA?
    The FDA requires that the HVL value be equal to or greater than 2.3 mm.
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