Chapter 9

  1. Self-Disclosure
    The voluntary sharing of personal history, prferences, attitudes, feelings, values, secrets, etc., with another person; transparency.
  2. Social Penetration
    The process of developing deeper intimacy with another person through mutual disclosure and other forms of vulnerability.
  3. Social Exchange Theory
    • Relationship behavior and status regulated by both parties' evaluations of perceived rewards and costs of interaction with each other.
    • Social exchange theorists assume that we can accurately gauge the payoffs of a variety of interactions and that we have the good sense to choose the action that will provide the best result.
    • Depth and Breadth are equally important in the process of social penetration.
  4. Comparison level of Alternatives (CL Alt)
  5. Onion Metaphor
    Altman & Taylor
    likens people to onion-like layers of beliefs & feelings about self, others & world, deeper layers are more vulnerable, protected and self-image.
  6. Depenetration
    • is a gradual process of layer-by-layer withdrawal.
    • Relational retreat is a sort of taking back of what has earlier been exchanged in the building of a relationship.
    • Relationships are likely to terminate not in an explosive flash of anger but in a gradual cooling off of enjoyment and care.
  7. Comparison level (CL)
  8. Law of Reciprocity
    A paced and orderely process in which openness in one person leads to openness in the other; "You tell me your dream; I'll tell you mine."
  9. minimax Principle
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