Combining Forms1: Root

  1. aer-, aero
    denoting gas
  2. alge-, algesi-, algo-
    relating to pain
  3. anomalo-
    denoting irregularity
  4. arthro-
    relating to a joint or joints
  5. brevi-
  6. celio-
    denoting the abdomen
  7. chol-, chole-, cholo-
    relating to bile
  8. chrom-, chromo-
    relating to color
  9. cranio-
    relating to the cranium of the skull
  10. cryano-
    denoting cold
  11. cryo-
    liquid nitrogen
  12. cyano-
    dark blue
  13. cyclo-
    pertaining to a cycle
  14. cysto-
    relating to a sac or cyst
  15. cyto-
    denoting a cell
  16. dacryo-
    pertaining to the lacrimal glands
  17. dactylo-
    relating to digits
  18. dent-, dento-, donto-
    relating to teeth
  19. derma-, dermat-
    relating to the skin
  20. desmo-
    relating to a bond or ligament
  21. dextro-
  22. diplo-
    double, twofold
  23. dorsi-, dorso-
    referringg to the back
  24. duodeno-
    relating to the duodenum
  25. electro-
    relating to electricity
  26. encephalo-
    denoting the brain
  27. entero-
    relating to the intestines
  28. eso-
  29. facio-
    relating to the face
  30. gero-, geronto-
    denoting old age
  31. gingiva-
  32. relating to the gingiva or gum
  33. gloss-, glosso-
    relating to the tongue
  34. gluco-
    denoting sweetness
  35. glyco-
    relating to sugar
  36. gnath-, gnatho-
  37. denoting the jaw
  38. hist-, histio-, histo-
    relating to tissue
  39. hydr-, hydro-
    denoting water
  40. ileo-
    pertaining to the ileum
  41. ipsi-
    meaning self
  42. irido-
    relating to a colored circle
  43. jejuno-
    pertaining to the jejunum
  44. kerato-
    relating to the cornea
  45. labio-
    pertaining to the lips
  46. lacto-
    relating to milk
  47. laparo-
    pertaining to the loin or flank
  48. latero-
    pertaining to the side
  49. leido-, leio-
  50. leuk-, leuko-
    denoting deficiency of color
  51. lip-, lipo-
    pertaining to fat
  52. litho-
    denoting a calculus
  53. macr-, macro-
    large, long
  54. masti-, mastro-
    relating to the breast
  55. meg-, mega-
    great, large
  56. meningo-
    denoting membranes, covering the brain and spinal cord
  57. micr-, micro-
    small in size or extent
  58. mono-
  59. morpho-
    relating to form
  60. multi-
  61. my-, myo-
    relating to muscle
  62. myc-, mycet-
    denoting a fungus
  63. myringo-
    denoting tympani of the eardrum
  64. myx-, myxo-
    pertaining to mucus
  65. naso-
    relating to the nose
  66. necro-
    denoting death
  67. neo-
  68. nephr-, nephro-
    denoting the kidney
  69. normo-
    normal or usual
  70. oculo-
    denoting the eye
  71. onco-
    denoting a swelling or mass
  72. onycho-
    relating to the nails
  73. oo-
    denoting an egg
  74. opisth-, opistho-
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Combining Forms1: Root
Combining Forms: Root