Medical Terminology

  1. four bone types
    long bones, short bones, flat bones, irregular bones
  2. bone head
    large smooth ball-shaped end on a long bone
  3. condyle
    a smooth rounded portion at the end of a bone
  4. epicondyle
    projection located above or on a condyle
  5. tubercle
    small rough process that provides the attachment for tendons and muscles
  6. trochanter
    large rough process for the attachment of muscle
  7. tuberosity
    large rough process for the attachment of tendons and muscles
  8. sinus
    hollow cavity within a bone
  9. foramen
    smooth round opening for nerves and blood vessels
  10. fossa
    shallow cavity ordepression on the surface of a bone
  11. fissure
    slit type opening
  12. two types of skeletal divisions
    • appendicular-trunk and extremities
    • axial-skull and vertebral column
  13. number of axial skeletal bones
    • 73
    • 23-skull
    • 1-sternum
    • 24-ribs
    • 24 vertebrae
    • 1-sacrum
    • 1-coccyx
  14. bones of the skull
    • cranial:1-frontal; 2-parietal;1-occipital;2-temporal;1-sphenoid;1-ethmoid;
    • facial:2-lacrimal;2-nasal;1-maxilla;1-mandible;2-zygomatic;1-vomer;1-palatine
  15. vertebral column bones
  16. 4 sections of the appendicular skeleton
    • pelvic gridle; upper limbs; pectoral girdle;
    • lower limbs
  17. upper limb bones
    2-humerus;2-radius;2-ulna;16 carpals;10-metacarpals;28 phalanges
  18. pectoral girdle bones
  19. pelvic girdle bones
  20. lower limb bones
    2-femur;2-patella;2-tibia;2-fibula;14 tarsals;10-metatarsals;28-phalanges
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