social studiess

  1. what does the term industrialization mean?
    the term industrialization means the process by which products that were made by hand were now being made by machines in factories more quickly and cheaper
  2. how did the industrial revolution come to the us
    Samuel Slater, an englishmen, sold the secrets (machines) to american buisnessmen.
  3. how did the process of industrialization affect the process of immigration
    the ability to make products using machines more quickly and more cheaply made an increase in factory jobs. It also made a pull-factor for people to immigrate to the u.s.
  4. what,when, and who were the 4 groups involved in the process of immigration that occured during the history of the u.s.
    there were 4 groups involved in the process of immigration that occured in the history of the u.s. one was englishmen thaty came as indentured servents. in the 19th century north europeans, scandinavian counrtys, and dutch norweigins came to the us. in the 20th century, 1900s the south and east italian, irish, and jewish came. and the post 1965 latin am, asains, and immigrants came
  5. how do the terns pull factors and push factore relate to immigration dive 2 esx of each
    • push factors- when people emmigrate from the us
    • exs irish potatoe famine-starvstion,
    • harsh govt or turmoils
    • pull factors-to come/ immigrate to the us
    • exs
    • employment oppurtunitys
    • freedom of religon and speech
  6. arkwright
    • arkwright- spinning water frame
    • cartwright- power loom
  7. eli whitney
    cotton gin
  8. howe and singer
    sezing machines
  9. alexander grahm bell
  10. henery ford
    cars assembly line and mass production
  11. nikola tesla
    electric motor (electricity)
  12. samuel slater
    sold machines to the us
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