Medical Terminology

  1. burns
    • first degree-superficial
    • second degree-pertial thickness
    • third degree-full thickness
  2. rule of nines
    method of determining percentage of body burned-11 different parts accounting for 9% each part, with groin accounting for the last 1%.
  3. celluitis
    diffuse, acute infection and inflammationof connective tissue in the skin
  4. decubitis ulcer
    open sore caused by pressure over bony prominence-bedriiden patients are affected
  5. dry gangrene
    late stages of gangrene-affected area is dry, blackened and shriveled-mummified
  6. ichthyosis
    skin becomes dry, scaly and keratinized
  7. impetigo
    highly infectious bacterial infection of skin with pustulesthat rupture and become crusted over
  8. kaposi's sarcoma
    form of skin cancer seen in AIDS patients-brownish purple papules that spread from skin to internal organs
  9. malignant melanoma
    dangerous form of skin cancer that quickly metastasizes
  10. pediculosis
    lice infestation
  11. psoriasis
    chronic inflammatory condition papules froming silvery scale patches with circular borders
  12. rubella
    contagious viral skin infection-German measles
  13. scabies
    contagious skin infection caused by egg-laying mite
  14. sebaceous cyst
    sac under the skin filled with sebum or oil from a sebaceous gland
  15. squamous cell carcinoma
    cancer of the epidermis layer of skin, may metastasize
  16. systemic lupus erythmatosus
    chronic disease of the connective tissuethat injures the skin, joints kidneys and nervous system and mucous membranes
  17. tinea
    fungal skin disease that may result itching scaling lesions
  18. tinea capitis
    fungal infection of the scalp
  19. tinea pedis
    fungal infection of the foot-athlete's foot
  20. varicella
    contagious viral skin infection-chicken pox
  21. vitiligo
    disappearance of pigment from the skin in patches, casuing milk-white appearance. also called leukoderma
  22. wet gangrene
    an area of gangrene that become s secondarily infectedby pus-producing bacteria
  23. alopecia
    abscence or loss of hair-baldness
  24. carbuncle
    furuncle involving several hair follicles
  25. furuncle
    bacterial infection of a hair follicle-also called a boil
  26. onychia
    infected nail bed
  27. pronychia
    infection of the skin fold around a nail
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