Ch. 13 States if Matter

  1. kenetic energy
    the energy an object has because of its motion.
  2. Kenetic theory
    all matter consists of tiny particels that are in constant motion.
  3. gas pressure
    a force excerted by a gas per unit SA of an object.
  4. Atmospheric Pressure
    the collisions of of atoms and molecules in the air with objects.
  5. barometer- how does it work?
    divice that is used to measure atmosphereic pressure.

    kPa or pressure is excerted on the mercury in the tube. when the pressure is higher it goes up the tube when the pressure is lower then the mercury goes down the tube.
  6. Pascal (Pa)
    SI unit of pressure.
  7. standard atmosphere
    the pressure required to support 760mm of mercury in a mercury barometer at 25 degrees C.
  8. Vaporization
    the change from a liquid to a gas or vapor. occurs quickly.
  9. evaporization
    occurs at the suface when it is not boiling
  10. Vapor pressure
    a messure of the force excerted by a gas abovee a liquid.
  11. boiling point
    the temp. at which the vapor pressure of the liquid is just equal to the external pressure on the liquid
  12. melting point
    the point at where a solid becomes a liquid.
  13. unit cells
    the smalles group of particals within a crystal that remains the geometric shape of the crystal.
  14. allotropes
    two or more different mollecular forms of the same element in the same physical shape.
  15. amorphous solid
    lacks an ordered internal structure
  16. sublimation
    solid to a vapor without changing into a liquid
  17. triple point
    the only set of conditions at which all three phases can excist in equilibrium together.
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