1. How wide are Iguaza falls?
    Almost a mile wide
  2. What kinf of aircraft did she board at Aeropuerto Iguazu?
    Bowing 737
  3. why are there so many cacti growing in the areas?
    People turned into caci...would not be inslaved.
  4. What % of people live in rural areas?
  5. Punctuality is a key feature of Arentineans life
  6. What is the name of the train to Salta
    Train to the clouds- Tran las nubes
  7. what type of animal is raised in the north west?
  8. WHat is another name for a Cowboy?
  9. Where di the traveler sleep in Catamarca
    Class room.
  10. Until what year was Argentina ruled by the military?
  11. What is the name of the type of leadership
  12. what was referred to in the video
  13. El bloson, the lake district, is often refrred to as the Switzerland of South AMerica, with out the?
  14. The main attraction in Patagonia is?
  15. Gaiman was settled by what people?
  16. How thick is the Perito Morano Glacier
    2000 ft thick
  17. What is the name of the Glacier?
    Perito Morano Glacier
  18. how far does the Glacier move in one day?
    7 feet
  19. Argentina has, arguably –six items
    • Tastiest beef
    • Sexiest dance
    • Immaculately dressed people
    • Cutest Penguins
    • Highest peak
  20. Independence from Spain was declared in
  21. Populist leader Juan Peron married whom
  22. Where have you hear the name before
    Santa Evita the Novel?
  23. The Falkland Islands Argentineans as
    Las Malvinas
  24. How many people did the "disappearance" account for
    30,000 men women and children
  25. Argentinas main attractions are list 10
    • Iguazu falls
    • Andes mountains
    • Wineries
    • Buenos Aires
    • Patagonia
    • Cattles ranches
    • Pampas
    • Valdes Peninsula
    • Desert Canyons
    • Historical sites
  26. The Currency is the peso and is
    made up of.
    100 Centavos=1P
  27. The Voltage in Argentina is
    220 volts
  28. Ushuaia, in Tierra del Fuego ( the worlds southern most city) is on what channel of water
    Beagle Channel
  29. What is the focal point of Argentines cuisine
    Meat-especially beef
  30. Woman should avoid wearing
    revealing clothing unless
    They want extra attentions.
  31. What is the code for the international airport of Buenos Aires
    Ezeiza Airport-(EZE)
  32. Are there any health risks in Buenos Aires
    There are no particular Health risks in Buenos Aires
  33. Are there any health risks outside of Buenos Aires
    yes Chorlera, Malaria, Chagas
  34. If you don’t speak Spanish, what should you say instead of "no hablo espanol"
    No hablo Castellano
  35. Why is yerba mate important
  36. Who was Che Guevara..where did most of his work take place—
    Where was he born---
    Where did he die---
    • Work-
    • Born-
    • Die-
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