Streetcar Scene IV

  1. Blanche: Stella?
  2. Stella: Hmm?
    [Blanche cry run into bedroom to stella's bedside]

    Blanche: Baby, my baby sister!
  3. [drawing away from her]
    Stella: Blanche, what is the matter with you?
    [straightens up slowly, stands beside bed with knuckles pressed to lips]

    Blanche: He's left?
  4. Stella: Stan? Yes
    Blanche: Will he be back?
  5. Stella: He's gone to get the car greased. Why?
    Blanche: Why! I've been half crazy, Stella! When I found out you'd been insane enough to come back in here after what happened-- I started to rush in after you!
  6. Stella: I'm glad you didn't.
    Blanche: What were you thinking of? Answer me! What? What?
  7. Stella: Please, Blanche sit down and stop yelling.
    Blanche: All right, Stella. I will repeat the question quietly now. How could you have come back in this place last night? Why, you must have slept with him!
  8. Stella: Blanche, I'd forgotten how excitable you are. You're making much too much fuss about this.
    Blanche: Am I?
  9. Stella: Yes, you are, Blanche. I know how it must have seemed to you and I"m awful sorry it had to happen, but it wasn't anything as serious as you seem to take it. In the first place, when men are drinking and playing poker anything can happen. It's always a powder-keg. He didn't know what he was doing...He was a good as a lamb when I came back and he's really very, very ashamed of himself.
    Blanche: And that--that makes it all right?
  10. Stella: No, it isn't all right for anybody to make such a terrible row but--people do sometimes. Stanley's always smashed things. Why, on our wedding night--soon as we came in here--he snatched off one of my slippers and rushed about the place smashing the light bulbs with it.
    Blanche: He did--what?
  11. Stella: He smashed all the light bulbs with the heel of my slipper!
    Blanche: and you--you let him? Didn't run, didn't scream?
  12. Stella: I was--sort of--thrilled by it. (pause) Eunice and you had breakfast?
    Blanche: Do you supposed I wanted any breakfast?
  13. Stella: there's some coffee left on the stove.
    Blanche: you're so--matter of fact about it, Stella.
  14. Stella: what other can I be? He's taken the radio to get it fixed. It didn't land on the pavement so only one tube was smashed.
    Blanche: and you are standing there smiling!
  15. Stella: What do you want me to do?
    Blanche: Pull yourself together and face the facts!
  16. Stella: What are they in your opinion?
    Blanche: In my opinion? You're married to a madman!
  17. Stella: No!
    Blanche: yes, ou are, your fix is worse than mine is! Only you're not being sensible about it. I'm going to do something. Get hold of myself and make myself a new life!
  18. Stella: Yes?
    Blanche: But you've given in. And that isn't right, you're not old! You can get out.
  19. Stella: I'm not in anything I want to get out of.
    Blanche: [incredulously] What--Stella?
  20. Stella: I said I am not in anything that I have a desire to get out of.....people have got to tolerate each other's habits, I guess.
    Blanche: I don't understand you. I don't understand your indifference. Is this a Chinese philosophy you've--cultivated?
  21. Stella: Is what--what?
    • Blanche: this--shuffling about and mumbling-"one tube smashed--beer bottoles--mess in the kitchen."--as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened! [stella twirls broom]
    • Are you delibreately shaking that thing in my face?
  22. Stella: No
    Blanche: Stop it! Let go of that broom. I won't have you cleaning up for him!
  23. Stella: Then who's going to do it? Are you?
    Blanche: I? I!
  24. Stella: No. I didn't think so.
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