OB - Chapter 1

  1. Organizational Behavior
    A field of study that investigates the impact of individuals, groups, and structure of behavior within organizations; its purpose is to apply suck knowledge towards improving an organization's effectiveness
  2. Organization
    A continuously coordinated social unit, composed of a group of people, that functions on a relatively continuos basis to achieve a common goals or a set of goals
  3. Basic OB Model
    • Organization system level
    • Group level
    • Individual level
  4. Empowerment
    Giving employees responsibility for what they do
  5. Ethics
    The study of moral values or principles that guide our behavior and inform us whether actions are right or wrong.
  6. Workforce Diversity
    the mix of people in organizations in therms of gender, race, ethcinity, disability, secual orientation, age, and demographic characteristics, such as education and socio-economic status.
  7. Productivity
    A performance measure including effectiveness and efficiency
  8. Effectiveness
    The achievement of goals
  9. Efficiency
    The ratio of effective work output to the input required to produce the work.
  10. Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB)
    Discretionary behaviour that is not part of an employee's formal job requirements, but that nevertheless promotes the effective functioning of the organization.
  11. Positive Organizational Scholarship
    An area of OB research that concerns how organizations develop human strength, foster vitelity and resilience, and unlock potential.
  12. Systematic Study
    looking at relationships, attempting to attribute causes and effects, and drawing conclusions based on scientific evidence.
  13. Evidence-based management (EBM)
    Basing managerial decisions on the best available scientific evidence
  14. Intuition
    A gut feeling not necessarily supported by research
  15. Contigency Approach
    an approach taken by OB that considers behavior within the context in which it occurs
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