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  1. The Silver Tassie
    Sean O'Casey
  2. The Balcony
    Jean Genet
  3. Cynic's Word Book
    Ambrose Bierce
  4. The Good Woman of Szechwan
    Berthold Brecht
  5. Maus
    Art Speigelman
  6. Tom Thumb
    Henry Fielding
  7. The Coast of Utopia
    Tom Stoppard
  8. Awake and Sing!
    Clifford Odets
  9. The Real Thing
    Tom Stoppard
  10. Cromwell
    Victor Hugo
  11. A Dream Play
    August Strindberg
  12. The Maids
    Jean Genet
  13. The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
    William Inge
  14. Alison's House
    Susan Glaspell
  15. The Secret Sharer
    Joseph Conrad
  16. The Wolf
    Frank Norris
  17. Romance
    Joseph Conrad (with Ford Madox Ford)
  18. Fear of Flying
    Erica Jong
  19. The Assistant
    Bernard Malamud
  20. The Eye of the World
    Robert Jordan
  21. The Sum of All Fears
    Tom Clancy
  22. Delta Autumn
    WIlliam Faulkner
  23. The Great God Brown
    Eugene O'Neill
  24. Numantia
    Miguel de Cervantes
  25. Rosmersholm
    Henrik Ibsen
  26. Androcles and the Lion
    George Bernard Shaw
  27. The Man Who Had All the Luck
    Arthur Miller
  28. Tales of Mother Goose
    Charles Perrault
  29. A Street in Bronzeville
    Gwendolyn Brooks
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