Serum Lipids

  1. What is found on the outer layer of a serum lipoprotein?
    • Phospholipids
    • Free cholesterol
    • Apolipoproteins
  2. What is found in the core of a serum lipoprotein
    • TAG
    • Cholesterol ester
  3. Rate the serum lipids in the order of size
    • Chylomicrons
    • VLDL
    • IDL
    • LDL
    • HDL
  4. What are chylomicrons built from and where does this building occur? What are they called once they are broken down?
    • Made from: Dietary lipids
    • Made in: Small intestine epithelia
    • Degregation: Chylomicron remnants
  5. What is stored in VLDL, and what occurs as their TAGs are removed?
    • Storage: Denovo synthesized TAG
    • LDL remmoves TAGs to make IDL
    • IDL lose more TAGs to make LDL
  6. What is the main compound in LDL?
    Cholesterol and cholesterol ester
  7. Name 4 functions of HDL:
    • 1. Transfer apo-LP
    • 2. Pick up lipids and cholesterol
    • 3. Convert cholesterol to cholesterol esters
    • 4. Transfer cholesterol esters to other LP
  8. What apo-LP does the LDL-R have a high affinity for? What molecules will it bind? What is its location?
    • ApoLP: Loves B100, doesn't like E
    • High Affinity: LDL, but will also take VLDL, IDL and chylomicron reminants
    • Location: Liver and adrenals
  9. What apo-LP does the LDL-R related protein have a high affinity for? What molecules will it bind? What is its location?
    • ApoLP: Loves apoE
    • High Affinity: Chylomicron reminants, but will also take VLDL
    • Location: Liver, brain, lung
  10. What is the role of the macrophage scavenger R in terms of LDL?
    It bind LDL with oxidative damage and form foam cells and atherosclerosis
  11. Where is the location of lipoprotein lipase, what apoLP does it prefer, what molecules does it have a high affinity for and what is its function?
    • Location: Vacular epithelium of muscle and adipose tissue
    • Apo-LP: Apo-C2
    • High Affinity: Chylomicrons and VLDL
    • Function: Remove free fatty acids from chylomicrons and VLDL
    • In Adipose: It will remake TAG
    • In Muscle: It will oxidize it for energy
  12. What is the location and function of heptic trigrlyceride lipase (HTGL)?
    • Locaton: Liver
    • Function: Degreade TAG from paritally degraded lipoproteins
    • Lazy! :)
  13. What does cholesterol ester transferase do?
    Exchange cholesterol esters for TAGs between HDL and VLDL/IDL/LDL
  14. What does Lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase do?
    • Esterifies the free cholesterols from HDLs surface
    • Changes it's shape from disk to ball!
  15. What does lysosomal acid lipase do?
    Changes LDL's cholesterol ester to cholesterol + fatty acid
  16. What is the general role of the acyl-coa cholesterol acyl transferase (ACAT)?
    To form cholesterol oleate to store small amounts of cholesterol
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