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  1. Catal Huyuk, Anatolia. Mesopotamia. Neolithic.
    mud-brick. never plundered or flooded.
    6000 BCE
  2. Jericho, Jordan. Mesopotamia. Neolithic.
    stone. lime-plaster floor + walls.
    7000 BCE
  3. Dolmen Tomb, Carnac Brittany. Neolithic
    post+lintel. trabeated construction. covered with earth mound.
    1500 BCE
  4. Stonehenge, Salisbury England. Neolithic.

    cromlech. 5 trilithon. sandstones. blue stones small inner circle. curved lintel. trabeated.
    2000 BCE
  5. Stepped Pyramid of Zoser, Saqqara. Old Kingdom.
    2700 BCE
  6. Great Pyramids of Giza. Old Kingdom.
    Great Sphinx. God Re-Harakhte.
    ashlar masonry. sandstone +limestone.
    2500 BCE
  7. Rock Cut Tomb of Beni Hasan. Middle Kingdom.
    colonaded portico. colomnar hall. lotus form interior. proto-doric.
    2000 BCE
  8. Mortuary Temple of Mentuotep. Middle Kingdom.
    collonaded terraces.
    2000 BCE
  9. Temple of Hatshepsut, Deir el Bahari. New Kingdom.
    Architect Senmut.
    linear progression of construction. gaurdian sphinx. collonaded vestibules + courts. darkened interiors.
    1700 BCE
  10. Hypostyle Hall of Seti I + Ramses II, Temple of Amun, Karnak. New Kingdom.
    side columns = closed papyrus buds
    center columns = open papyrus flowers
    reliefs = polychromed figures + hyroglyphs
    1300 BCE
  11. Gudea with Tablet. Sumerian.
    2150 BCE
  12. Ziggurat at Ur. Summerian.
    2150 BCE
  13. Citadel of Sargon II, Khorsabad. Assyrian.
    8th BCE
  14. Ishtar Gate. Babylonian.
    6th BCE
  15. Palace of Persepolis. Persian.
    6th BCE
  16. Palace of Knossos. Minoan.
    1500 BCE
  17. Citadel at Tiryns. Cyclopean Walls, Lion Gate, Beehive Tomb. Mycenae. Mycenaean.
    1200 BCE
  18. Basilica at Paestum. Archaic Greek.
    6th BCE
  19. Treasury of the Siphnians, Delphi. Archaic Greek.
    6th BCE
  20. Temple of Poseidon, Paestum. Classical Greek.
    5th BCE
  21. Temple of Concord, Agrigento. Classical Greek.
    5th BCE
  22. Agora & Acropolis of Athens. Parthenon, Temple of Athena Nike, Erechtheum, Propylea. Classical Greek
    5th BCE
  23. Sancturary of Apollo, Delphi. Classical Greek.
    5th BCE
  24. Temple of Hephaestos, Athens. Classical Greek.
    5th BCE
  25. Temple of Apollo, Bassae. Classical Greek.
    5th BCE
  26. Choragic Monument of Lysikrates. Late Classical.
    4th BCE
  27. Theatre of Epidaurus. Late Classical.
    4th BCE
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