Vocabulary Lesson 7

  1. guile
    deceitfulness duplicity

    EX : The woman was the unfortunate victim of guile and deceit when she lost her money to that swindler.
  2. implausible
    not believable

    EX: His explanation of the accident is so implausible that no jury will believe him.
  3. incongruity
    nonconformity, disagreement, incompatiblity

    EX: The incongruity between the two stories led me to doubt the accuracy of either report.
  4. insularity
    qualities of an island: narrow mindedness of opinion

    EX: The insularity of the president made it difficult to get a motion passed.
  5. morose
    being sullen or gloomy

    EX: He was very morose after his wife left him.
  6. placate
    to appease or to pacify by making concessions

    EX: My wife is so angry at me that I cannot placate her.
  7. poignant
    piercing incisivie and keen

    EX: The mans poignant words struck the very heart of the matter
  8. provinicial
    lacking sophistication, narrow minded

    EX: Her parents are so provincial that they believe they should arrange her marriage.
  9. reiterate
    to repeat

    EX: I hope that I am not becoming redundant by again reiterating the key facts.
  10. spontaneous
    having no external cause, acting on impulse

    EX : He knew exactly what I was thinking because my reaction was so spontaneous.
  11. synthesis
    combining parts into a whole

    EX: Before the project is complete, we need to establish synthesis.
  12. toxic

    EX: Carbon monoxide is toxic to animal life
  13. vigilant
    very alert, watchful

    Ex: I have been vigilant in trying to find the thief.
  14. voluble
    ability to use words easily, fluent and glib

    EX: A disc jockey needs to be a voluble speaker.
  15. abhor
    to regard with extreme repugnance: to detest utterly: to loathe

    EX: If there is one particular food I abhor, it is hominy.
  16. accolade
    praise, an award

    EX: He received many accolades for being an excellent teacher.
  17. ascetic
    one who leads a life of self-denial and contemplation: absent of luxury

    EX: The rich playboy could not understand the ascetic life led by the monk.
  18. bequeath
    to hand down, to give or to leave in a will

    EX: I bequeathed my gym shorts to my brother after I graduated from high school.
  19. charlatan
    one who claims to know something that he does not: a quack

    EX: The side show featured a charlatan posing as a mind reader.
  20. conflagration
    a large fire

    Ex: Some believe that the earth will be destroyed by a large conflagration.
  21. dearth
    a lack, a scarcity

    EX: The dearth of water in the arid country led to numerous deaths.
  22. diffidence
    shyness, reserve, unassertiveness

    Ex: Because of his diffidence, he would not ask any girl to the prom.
  23. effervescent
    showing high spirits

    EX: She put me in a good mood because she was always so effervescent
  24. ethereal
    heavenly, unusually delicate, light , lacking material substance, intangible

    Ex: The ethereal sounds of the music soother and calmed the patient.
  25. expunge
    to remove, to erase

    EX: Their names were expunged from the social register after they were convicted of selling cocaine.
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