Ch. 12

  1. Housings Recessed:
    mounted above the finished ceiling, entirely hidden from view, and have an aperture at the ceiling plane to allow light to pass through
  2. Housings Semi-Recessed:
    mounted partially above the ceiling with the remainder visible from below. Sometimes the semi-recessed housing is mounted partially in the wall with the remainder projecting and in rare cases it is mounted partially below the floor with the remainder visible from above.
  3. Housing Surface Mounted:
    mounted to the surface of a ceiling, a wall, or in rare cases, a floor. If the ceiling or wall construction permits, the junction box is recessed into the mounting surface, giving a cleaner appearance; otherwise, the junction box is mounted against the surface of the ceiling or wall.
  4. Housings Pendant:
    also make use of a recessed or surface mounted junction box located at the ceiling for electrical supply connection, but the luminaire is separated from the ceiling surface by a pendant such as a stem, chain or cord. The junction box is concealed by a canopy.
  5. Housings Track Mounted:
    a recessed, surface mounted, or pendant mounted lighting track provides both physical support and electrical connection through an adapter on the luminiare.
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Ch. 12
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