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    • Appalachian Mountains
    • 1 or 2 major mountain chains in the eastern united states and canada extending 1600 miles new foundland south to alabama.
  1. Great Plains
    A vast grassland of central North America that is largely treeless && ascends to 4,000 feet above sea level.
  2. Canadian Shield
    A northern part of the interior lowlands that is rocky flat region covering nearly 2,000,000 square miles and encircling hudson bay.
  3. Rocky Mountains
    A major mountain system of the United States && Canada extending 3,000 miles from Alaska South to New Mexico.
  4. Great Lakes
    A group of 5 freshwater lakes of Central North America between the United States and Canada; The lakes are, (Huron,Ontario,Michigan,Erie,&& Superior).
  5. Mackenzie River
    Canada's longest river, which is part of a river system that flows across the Northwest Territories to the Arctic Ocean.
  6. Permafrost
    Permanently frozen ground.
  7. Prevailing Westerlies
    Winds that blow from West to East.
  8. Everglades
    A large Subtropical Swampland in Florida of about 4,000 square miles.
  9. Nomad
    A person with no permanent home who moves according to the seasons from place to place in search of food,water and grazing land.
  10. Beringia
    Land bridge thought to have connected what are now Siberia && Alaska.
  11. St. Lawrence Seaway
    North America's most important deepwater ship route connecting the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean by way of the St. Lawrence River.
  12. Lock
    A section of a waterway with closed gates where water levels are raised or lowered, through which ships pass.
  13. Migration
    The movements of peoples within a country or region.
  14. Colombian Exchange
    The movement of plants,animals, and diseases between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres during the age of Exploration.
  15. Louisiana Purchase
    The territory including the region between The Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains that the United States purchase from France in 1803.
  16. Frontier
    The free open land in the American West that was available for settlement.
  17. Suburbs
    A political unit or community touching the borders of the central city or touching other suburbs that touch the city.
  18. Representative Democracy
    A government in which the people rule through elected representatives.
  19. Export
    A product or good that is sold from one economy to another.
  20. Free Enterprise
    An economic system in which private individuals own most of the resources,technology and businesses, && can operate them for profit with little control from the government.
  21. Service Industry
    Any kind of economic activity that produces a service rather than product.
  22. Postindustrial Economy
    An economic phase in which manufacturing no longer plays a dominant role.
  23. Multinational
    A corporation that engages in business worldwide.
  24. New England
    The 6 Northern States in the Northeast United States. (Maine,Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island,&& Connecticut)
  25. Midwest
    The region that contains the 12 states of the North Central United States.
  26. South
    A region that covers about 1/4 of the land area of the United States and contains more than 1/3 of it's population.
  27. West
    North American region, consisting of 13 states, that stretches from the Great Plains to the Pacific Ocean and includes Alaska to the North and Hawaii in the pacific.
  28. Metropolitan Area
    A functional area including a city and its surrounding suburbs && exurbs, linked economically.
  29. Megalopolis
    A region in which several large cities and surrounding areas grow together.
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