1. MPB has
    infected and destroyed 17.5 million hectares of trees. 1.5 times the
    size of Indiana.

    Tackle this local and international problem
  2. Terpenes are
    natural chemicals secreted by trees
    Goal: produce these chemicals in yeast and bacteria. To help trees
  3. Now I know some of you are thinking, well these beetles are part of nature. So what’s
    the problem?
  4. Normally, these beetles grow and get killed off during cold
    winters. However, within the past decade, we haven’t experienced any cold
    winters. These beetles (and their offspring) have been able to grow for an
    exceptionally long time.

    trees that the beetles are infecting are important for lumber, feedstock,
    alternative fuels.
  5. The forestry industry brings in 4 billion dollars of revenue
    each year.
  6. Let’s look at how far it’s spread. We are
    in BC. This is really where it originated. Now it’s spread into the US all across the west coast.
  7. So now
    all of a sudden, it’s become an international problem.
  8. Part
    of the reason we chose was issue was to help raise awareness about this
    international problem.
  9. This is a
    video showing the spread of the beetles within BC.
  10. How does
    this affect us?
  11. Economy
    – The forestry industry brings in about 4 billion dollars in revenue. This is a
    huge part of the our economy.

    – Trees are habitats for entire ecosystems.

    – 14% of the entire work force in BC is in this industry.
  12. Explain metabolic pathway. The modified gene - increases ratio that makes the formation of our product more favorable. Instead of 25/75 GPP, we get 75/25 GPP.
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