Concepts about print

  1. concepts about print is a very important skill taught in
    kindergarten and first grade classrooms
  2. Concepts about print are very attached to
    phoneme awareness instruction
  3. concepts about print are necessary for
    reading to take place
  4. Some concepts of print skills include:
    • 1. learning to read from left to right
    • 2. learn that we can locate letters and words on printed page
    • 3. identify letters, words, and sentences
    • 4. recognize that print recognizes represents speech
  5. important to help students see that print relates to
    daily living
  6. have children and parents sing the alphabet so
    students learn letters
  7. tools to help students learn about print
    • 1. computer games emphasizing alphabet
    • 2. alphabet blocks
    • 3. magnetic letters
    • 4. play word games
  8. Show parents how to get children to
    learn to develop awareness about print with their children
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Concepts about print
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