Eng. medieval period 2nd

  1. Richard?
    • a.k.a Richard the lionhearted
    • always fought in crusades
    • part of ivanhoe
    • died in france and left no aire
  2. John?
    • bad king, very poor
    • loses normandy and france
    • attacks the church
    • takes everything from barons
  3. Magna Carta?
    • *great charter
    • John was forced to sign in 1215 at Runnemead by saxons in england
    • ** a year later he got the pope to declare it null
  4. Where is john buried?
    • worcester cathedral
    • **there was never ever another king named john
  5. Henry III?
    • long and peaceful reign
    • had an extremely strong son
  6. Parliament is made of ?
    • house of commons
    • house of lords
  7. Edward I?
    • finest figure monarch for his day
    • married elanor of castille
    • responsible for english Long Bow
  8. What did Edward do when his wife elanor died?
    • he put up a charing cross everywhere they stopped on his way home with her body
    • **last one was put at charing cross station in london
  9. Edward II?
    • weak
    • lost to Robert Bruce
  10. who did Edward I kill?
    William Wallace (brave heart)
  11. who did Edward II turn the government over to?
    Piers Goveston
  12. What did Edward II's wife do?
    • she got Piers murdered and then she fleed.
    • she came back with her lover, Mortimer and they murdered Edward
  13. Edward III?
    • beheaded mortimer and exiled his mom
    • reigned during the 100 years war
  14. 100 years war?
    • 1336- 1453
    • between england and france
    • famous for english archer
  15. Joan of arc?
    • at 14 yrs old helped france fight
    • she was accused of being of a witch and was burned at stake
  16. Battle of Crosce?
    • 1826
    • 50 english and 1500 french were killed
  17. Black plague?
    • people died within hours
    • comes from fleas
  18. 3 types of black plague?
    • bubonic- only one you could survive
    • pneumonic - affects lungs
    • septicemic- could only get through blood stream
  19. What years did the black plague interupt the 100 years war?
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