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  1. digestive system, also known as gastrointestinal system, or alimentary system, GI system
    body system that is a long, muscualr tube that begins at the mouth and ends at the anus
  2. aliment/o
    combining for for nurishment
  3. or/o, stomat/o
    combining form for mouth
  4. Gnath/o
    combining form for jaw
  5. prognathia
    an animal that has an elongnated mandible or a manible that is overshot
  6. brachygnathia
    an mandible that is undershot, aka parrot mouth
  7. labia
    medical term for lips
  8. Cheil/o , labi/o
    combining forms for lips
  9. bucc/o
    combining form for cheek
  10. buccal
    pertaining to the cheek
  11. hard palate
    forms the bony protion of the palate that is covered with specilizedmucos membrane
  12. soft palate
    forms the soft felible caudal portion of the palate
  13. gloss/o, lingu/o
    combining form for tounge
  14. dent/o, dent/i, odont/o
    combining form for teeth
  15. palate
    roof of mouth
  16. decidous dentition
    tempory set of teeth that erupt in young animals and are replaced at or near maturity
  17. perminate dentition
    the set of teeth designed to last a lifetime of an animal
  18. retained deciduous
    the tooth that has not been shed
  19. gingival
    mucas membrane that surrounds teeth and forms mouth lining
  20. gingiv/o
    combining form for gums
  21. sialaden/o
    combining forms for salvary glands
  22. sial/o
    combinng form for savalry glands
  23. hypersalivation
    excessive production of saliva
  24. ptyal/o
    combining form for saliva
  25. ptyalism
    excessive prodution of saliva
  26. monogastic
    animls that have one true glandular stomach
  27. ruminate
    animlas that have one true glandualr stomach
  28. regurgitate
    chewing the spit up food again and processing it again
  29. cud
    food paritcals that are spit back up
  30. ingesta
    the material taken in orally
  31. deglitition
    the process of swallowing
  32. digestion
    processing food and taking out the minerals and protiens in it
  33. prehension
    grasping of food.
  34. defecation
    emptying of the bowles
  35. mastication
    breaks foods into smaller pieces and mixes the ingesta with saliva
  36. phag/o
    combining form for eating
  37. pharynx
    cavity in the caudal oral cavity that joins the respirtory system and gastrointestinal system
  38. pharyng/o
    the combinging form for pharynX
  39. esophagus
    the callapsible muscialr tube that leads the oral cavity to the stomach
  40. esophag/o
    combinng form for esophagus
  41. gastr/o
    combining form for stomach
  42. enterr/o
    small intestine
  43. Duodenum
    first portion of the small intestine
  44. duoden/o
    combinign form for duodenum
  45. jejunum
    middle portion of the small intestine
  46. jejun/o
    combing form for jejunum
  47. Ileum
    last portion of the small intestine
  48. Ile/o
    combinging form for ileum
  49. cecum
    large intestine consists of this
  50. col/o and colon/o
    combining form for colon
  51. colon
    in the large intestine
  52. rectum
    end of large intestine
  53. cec/o
    combing form for ceco
  54. recto/o
    combining form for rectum
  55. anus
    end of large intestine
  56. an/o
    combing form for anus
  57. anal sacs
    pair of pouches in the skinbetween the internal and external sphincters
  58. abdomin/o and celi/o
    combing form for abdomin
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