Alky flow

  1. Feed in
    • C3's
    • C4's
    • C5's
  2. E-5810A/B/C/D
    Feed exchangers shell side
  3. V-5810
    • Feed coalesce
    • V-5810A C3 and C5 to Contactor R-5820 / 21

    • V-5810B C4 and C5 to Contactor R-5824 / 23 / 22
  4. V-5830
    Suction trap / Flash drum
  5. V-5830 Flash Drum / Refrigerant
    P-5830/A Refrigerant to all ten Contactors
  6. V-5830 Suction Trap / Net Effluent
    P-5831/A to E-5810A/B/C/D Feed Exchangers tube side.

    P-5831A Also this is where K5854 coalessor for contactors seal flush comes from.
  7. K-5850
    Acid wash mixer before V-5850
  8. V-5850
    Acid wash system. P-5850 pumps from V-5850 to K5850 which comes back to V-5850.
  9. Net Effluent from V-5850 to ?
    V-5851 Alkaline water wash system.
  10. Net Effluent from V-5851 Alkaline water wash to ?
  11. C-5860 overhead and bottoms go to?
    • C-5860 overhead go to
    • C-5910
    • C3= train
    • C5= train
    • Storage.
    • C-5860 Bottoms go to C-5870 as feed
  12. C-5870 overhead and bottoms go to?
    • The overhead goes to Butamer as feed
    • and storage T-710 / T-711 / T-715.
    • Bottoms goes to C-5760 at FCC or to storage as Alkylate.
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