Chapter 5&6

  1. What are the Two dominant mechanisms for metallic diffusion?
    • Vacancy diffusion
    • Interstitial diffusion
  2. What dominant mechanism involves the interchange of an atom from a normal lattice site to an adjacent vacant site?
    Vacancy diffusion
  3. What dominant mechanisms involves atoms that migrate from one interstitial position to a neighboring one that is empty?
    Interstitial diffusion
  4. What two conditions must be met before an atomic perspective diffusion can occur?
    • 1)There must be an empty adjacent site.
    • 2)The atom must have sufficient energy to break bonds with its neighboring atom and then cause some lattice distortion during the displacement.
  5. Two types of Diffusion:
    • Steady State diffusion
    • Non-steady state diffusion
    • (Fick's first and second law respectively)
  6. What are two factors that affect diffusion?
    • Diffusion species
    • Temperature
  7. The degree to which a structure deforms or strains depend on the magnitude of an oppesed Stress is called?
    Stress-Strain behavior
  8. The elastic behavior of an engineering material under strain does not return to the zero upon release of the load is called?
    Anelasticity (time dependent)
  9. The elastic behavior of a polymeric material under strain does not return to the zero upon release of the load is called?
    Visolastic behavior
  10. The point to which Hooke's law is maintained is called?
    Yield strength
  11. A measure of the degree of plastic deformation the material can sustain until failure is called?
  12. The capability of the material to absorb energy when it is deformed ellastically, and then upon unloading to have this enery recovered is called?
    Moudulus of Revilence (Area under yield strength)
  13. The property of the material indicative of its resistance to fracture is called?
    Toughness (area under all stress load)
  14. The difference between the ultimate stress & yield stress in a True stress-strain plot is called?
    Work hardening regine
  15. What is a measure of the resistance of a metal to permanent deformation?
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