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  1. Two pigments produed by P. aeuruginosa?
    • Pyocyanin - blue
    • Pyoverdin - green
  2. Acute, subacute, chronic of otitis media or sinusitis
    • OM: acute & chronic
    • Sinusitis: acute, subacute & chronic
  3. order of precendence for the three bacteria of OM & Sinusitis
    • S. pneumoniae
    • H. influenza
    • M. catarrhalis
  4. for OM and Sinusitis, what is S. pneumoniae sensitive to?
  5. DOC for OM?
    • Amoxicillin
    • ** tubes if chronic
  6. What is the fancy appearance of C. diptheria? Why?
    Chinese letters w/ mtachromatic granules
  7. What is the phage-encoded exotoxin of C. diptheria?
    Diptheria toxin: must be encoded into the phase to be effective
  8. What type of toxin is diptheria and how does it work?
    • type: A-B exotoxin
    • function: bind EF-2 to hault protein synthesis
  9. What 2 things does respiratory diptheria form in the pharynx?
    • Pseudomembrane
    • Bull-neck
  10. What occurs in the body if the diptheria exotoxin is not taken care of?
    Systemic toxicity (myocarditis & demyelination)
  11. fucntion of blood agar in C. diptheria?
    rule out hemolytic strept
  12. Function of Loeffler's medium in C. diptheria?
    shows colonies
  13. Function of cysteine-tellurite agar in C. diptheria?
    black colonies
  14. What test is performed to test for C. diptheria?
    Elek test
  15. What neuralizes diptheria toxin?
    diptheria antitoxin
  16. DOC for C. diptheria?
    penicillin or erythromycin
  17. T/F there is a vaccine for diptheria?
  18. how do virulence factors P69 & FHA mediate their adhesion?
    RGD sequences to bind to integrins
  19. What is the systemic toxicity of B. pertussis?
    lymphocytic leukocytosis by inhibiting extravasation of lymphocytes (by pertussis toxin)
  20. T/F worldwide epidemics can still occur w/ whooping cough
    T, every 2-5 yrs
  21. DOC for B. pertussis
    Macrolides (erythro, azithro, clarithromycin)
  22. Name the to immunizations against B. pertussis?
    • DTap (series)
    • Tdap (booster)
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