Lieutenant fair practices

  1. ____________ is responsible for promoting the principles of fair practices
  2. What 2 roles does the fire chief serve, under fair practices
    • Provides FPC with resources and authority to implement the FP program
    • Supervises efforts of management personnel in the FP administration
  3. Name 5 roles/responsibilities of the FPC
    • counselor
    • reviews, analyzes and participates in the development of the FPC
    • conducts special studies of employment practices
    • arranges for education of trainers and employees
    • assists applicant unit with recruitment efforts
  4. The fair practices core group (FPCG) evaluates the efficacy of the FPP on a __________ basis
  5. The employment process should maintain ___________
  6. The dept should __________ itself as an ______ on all outgoing correspondence, literature and advertising
    • Promote
    • EOE equal opportunity employment
  7. The _______________ shall become a source material for tests administered for all dept ________
    • FPP
    • promotions
  8. T/F An employee who is harassed should immediately notify their supervisor and never confront the harasser
    false you may confront the harasser ONLY if you feel safe and comfortable. Inform him/her that their actions are unwelcome and or offensive
  9. Where practical _____________ between employees (complainant and respondent) when resolution of a complaint is _____________
    • limit the work contact
    • pending
  10. Managers must establish _____________ to address individual or collective employee concerns
    open door policy
  11. Individuals who file a FP complaint can do so without
    retaliation or reprisal
  12. Reasonable attempts will be made to treat complaints and investigatory materials in __________
    a confidential manner
  13. Complaints may be filed through formal or informal process or through ____________
    state or federal agencies as prescribed by law
  14. If guilty, the disciplinary action could be any action from ___________ to _______
    • verbal counseling
    • to dismissal from the FD
  15. Who imposes this action?
    fire chief
  16. Describe 3 options of the informal complaint process
    • Chain of command
    • FPC in writing or verbally
    • FPGC member
  17. During the formal complaint process for option I, the FPC shall attempt to notify the complainant within __________ that the complaint was received
    5 days
  18. The FPC will assign a ________________ to conduct a through investigation of the complaint
    battalion chief
  19. T/F the fire chief shall monitor the fair practices investigation while it is ongoing
    False the FPC monitors
  20. The chief officer investigating shall submit all findings to the __________ and _________
    • FPC
    • fire officer
  21. Describe option II of the formal complaint process
    • options outside the dept
    • Balto Co OFP
    • MD commission on human relations
    • EEOC
  22. If a complaint involves a volunteer, it shall be referred to __________ or _________
    President of BCVFA or his designee
  23. T/F The dept is limited in its ability to control/discipline the actions of volunteers and assumes no liability for their conduct
  24. The _______________ shall keep the complainant and respondent informed periodically about the status of the investigation
    chief officer or applicable officer
  25. Any disciplinary action imposed should reflect the ______________
    severity of the conduct
  26. All documents (form 22) pertaining to violation should remain in the individuals file for a __________ period
    one year
  27. After the verbal (form 22) reprimand, step III includes the __________ or __________
    • hearing officer
    • or administrative hearing board
  28. Any employee initiating a claim which is false shall be subject to ____________ including __________
    • disciplinary action
    • termination
  29. Every effort shall be made to file a FP complaint within _________ of its occurance
    30 days
  30. T/F If the complainant files formal charges with an appropriate govt agency at any time during this process within the FD, the FD must cease its investigation
  31. Regardless of complaint (formal or informal) the investigating officer must obtain _________ from both parties
    written statements
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