Chapter 6 Exam

  1. In which state did actual fighting begin
  2. Which of the following actions did the Second Continental Congress take
    sent a petition to King George III expressing loyalty to the crown in 1775
  3. Which of the following statements is true regarding the Decleration of Independence
    it stated that all men are created equal
  4. Republican theory
    mistrusted standing armies
  5. Foreigners who served in the Continental Army and rproved especially valuable came from all of the follwing areas except
  6. Which of the following statements is not true about the Revolutionary War
    By 1777, most of the Continental Army had deserted
  7. Benedict Arnold's treason was result of
    his desire to be recongnized and rewarded for his accomplishments
  8. Which Indian nation split over supporting the British or the Americans
  9. In December 1776, where did the Continental Army win an important victory
  10. What was the goal of the British campaign in New York
    isolate New Englang and crush the rebellion
  11. What was significant about the American victory at Saratoga
    It helped convince the Frenc to become an American ally
  12. Why did Congress rebuff a British peace initiative in early 1778
    Congress had just negotiated an alliance with France
  13. During the Revolutionary War, which major European power supported Britain
    no major power supported Britain
  14. The American effort at sea is best described ap
    a guerrilla war
  15. During the souther campaign,
    Patriot guerilla forces under men like "Swamp Fox" Franis Marion harassed the British forces
  16. Following the surreder at Yorktown, King George III
    insisted on continuing the war
  17. What happened at the end of the war
    George Washington resigned his commission and went hot to Mt. Vernon
  18. Which of the following factors was least relevant to the American victory in the Revolutioary War
    Spanish help
  19. Which of the following statements about women during the Revolutionary War is accurate
    Women took on additional roles and responsiblities to aid the partriot cause
  20. Whic of the following statements is most accurate
    The Revolution helped end slavery in the North
  21. Who nominated George Washington for the post of commander of the Continental Army
    John Adams
  22. Which governor offered slaves freedom if they would join British forces Virginia
    Lord Dunmore
  23. What was the effet of Lord orth's Concillatory Proposition
    It pledged not to tax the colonies if they would voluntarily contribute to the defense of the empire
  24. Which of the following was not part of the Peace of Paris
    access to the Gulf of Mxico
  25. Which of the following battles did the British win
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