Chapter 5 Pretest

  1. The Sugar Act of 1764
    was designed to increase tax revenue for the british govt
  2. The british constituion is best described as
    mixed and balanced
  3. Colonial ides of politics derived from ideas called
  4. Nonimportation was the colonists' response to the
    Townshend Duty Act
  5. Which of the folowing was not a way in which colonists protested the stamp act
  6. The declaratory act
    asserted parliament's right to legislate for the colonies
  7. In what way did Americans misunterstand the Declatory Act
    The colonists though it was a face saving gesture and that the British government was backing down
  8. The seizure of which colonial leader's ship resulted in a riot and strengthened the nonimportation movement
    John Hancock
  9. Which of the folowing groups did twelve colonies form to keep one another informed about British actions
    committees of correspondence
  10. In 1770, Parliament repealed all of the Townshend duties except the tax on
  11. The Quebec Act
    extended Quebec into the Oio River Valley
  12. What was tthe British response to the Boston Tea Party
    Coercive Acts
  13. The First Continental Congress
    endorsed the Suffolk Resolves
  14. Which of the following bodies was formed to create and enforce sanctions against the British
    Continental Association
  15. Which of the following statements is true about the First Continental Congress
    It requested that the king use his royal position to protect his subjets in America
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