Directional Terms

  1. Superior (cephalad)
    toward the head or upper portion of a structure
  2. Inferior (caudal)
    away from the head or toward the tail or lower part of a structure
  3. Proximal
    Nearer to the center or point of attachment to the body
  4. Anterior (ventral)
    front of the body
  5. Visceral
    pertaining to the viscera, internal organs, abdominal organs
  6. Inversion
    turning inward or inside out
  7. Eversion
    turning outward
  8. Parietal
    Outer wall of body cavity
  9. Plantar
    sole of the foot
  10. Superficial
    toward the surface of the body (external)
  11. Palmar
    palm of the hand
  12. Prone
    Lying face down
  13. Supine
    Lying horizontally on the back, face up
  14. Distal
    Further from the center or from the point or attachment to the body
  15. Medial
    midline of the body or structure
  16. Lateral
    pertaining to a side
  17. Posterior (dorsal)
    back of the body
  18. Deep
    Away from the surface of the body (internal)
  19. Abduction
    movement away from the midsagittal plane of the body
  20. Adduction
    movement toward the midsagittal plane of the body
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