Midterm 3

  1. In order to iosolate a virus using a chicken embryo or cell culture, the sample is first placed in a liquid medium. What must be done next?
    Tx with anitiobiots or pass through filter (Must inactivate/remove contamination)
  2. How is Aujezkey Dz in pigs controlled in the US?
  3. What made eradication of Small Pox by Vx possible?
    Decreased-no transmissibility of disease from vaccinated people
  4. When should chicken embryos be inoculated in order to isolate a virus?
    9-12 days
  5. What causes encephalitis in foxes?
    Canine Adenovirus 1
  6. Herpes Ab can be detected using?
    Electron microscopy and Ab Response are indicative of Herpes virus infection
  7. When the viral genome persists in the host, the infection is called:
    Latent Infection
  8. In Marek’s Disease virus infection, what gross lesion is useful in diagnosis?
    Nerve Enlargement
  9. Virulent strains may emerge by genetic shift or genetic drift in the genome of these viruses
    • Herpes
    • Influenza Corona
    • Pox
  10. Where does Pox virus replicate?
  11. What virus => Single maculopapular eruption on hand/face, nausea, fever & lymphadenopathy in humans?
  12. Which virus can infect Cats, Cattle, Humans & Zoo Animals (Big Cats)?
  13. What virus has been reported to be transmitted from Prairie Dogs/Exotics to humans?
  14. What virus has a highmorbidty and low mortality in sheep and goats?
  15. What virus is known to infect DVM’s, butchers, farmers & shepherds?
  16. In humans, what virus causes solitary lesion on dorsum of index finger that -> a red-blue papule -> hemorrhagic flat-topped pustules?
  17. What virus causes “Milker’s Nodules?”
  18. In cattle, what virus forms red, crescentic lesions w/ a horseshoe-shaped ring of scabs around it?
  19. What virus is associated with decreased hygiene & louse infestations?
    Swine Pox
  20. What virus has not vaccine, but is rarely observed in the US pig population?
    Swine Pox
  21. What virus was introduced to the Australian wild rabbit population and has since decreased in pathogenicity?
  22. What virus forms Bollinger Bodies?
    Avian Pox (Inclusion bodies)
  23. What are Bollinger bodies composed of?
    Borrel Bodies (virus particles)
  24. What vaccine are currently used for Avian/Fowlpox?
    • FOWLPOX virus Vx
    • Pigeonpox virus Vx
  25. Hemorrhage & Necrosis of liver/lung/spleen/kidneys are hallmarks for what virus?
  26. What virus/Vx causes Blue Eye/Corneal Edema?
    • Infectious Canine Hepatitis
    • (Canine Adenovirus 1, CAV1)
  27. After natural exposure to the virus, when is Blue Eye observed? After Vx?
    • Exposure: Convalescent Stage
    • Vx: 8-12 days
    • (Adenovirus)
  28. What type of vaccine causes Blue Eye?
    Atennuated Adenovirus Vx
  29. Arabian Foals with immunodeficiency are susceptible to…
    Equine Adenovirus 1
  30. Sentinel Birds are used to detect which virus?
    • Egg Drop Syndrome
    • (Avian Adenovirus)
  31. After collection of Sentinel Birds, what test is used to determine Adenovirus exposue?
    Hemagglutination Inhibition
  32. What virus infects ducks, geese, quail and chickens and remains latent until sexual maturity?
    • Avian Adenovirus
    • (Egg Drop Syndrome)
  33. What virus => No Shell-Soft Shell?
    Avian Adenovirus
  34. What virus utilizes Blood, Spleen & Visceral LN to detect virus Ag in pigs?
    • African Swine Fever
    • (Asfivirus)
  35. Hemadsoprtion & CPE are used to diagnose pigs recently infected (few days) with what virus?
    African Swine Fever
  36. What reportable disease causes splenic lesions in pigs?
    African Sine Fever
  37. What viruses causes reproductive failure in pigs?
    • Porcine Circovirus 2 (PCV 2)
    • Porcine Parvovirus
  38. What virus causes Porcine Dermatitis and Nephropathy Syndrome in Pigs?
    • Procine Circovirus 2
    • PCV2
  39. What virus causes Post-weaning Multisystemic Wasting Syndrome?
    • Procine Circovirus 2
    • (PCV2)
  40. In virus => fibropapillomas that spontaneously regress after 4-6 months?
    • Bovine Papillomavirus
    • (Bovine Papillomatosis)
  41. What virus => fibropapillomas that persist for life, are locally invasive and recur after removal?
    • Equine Papilloma Virus,
    • (Equine Sarcoids)
  42. Where does parvovirus replication occur?
  43. What virus requires host cell to be in late S phase or early G2 phase for replication?
  44. Why is it difficult to disinfect areas infected with parvovirus?
    • + Rate of Excretion
    • + Stability
  45. How does Panleuk => diarrhea?
    Villus Tips with the Crypts of Lieberkuhn are shortened (Cell Loss) and become nonabsorptive
  46. In goats, what two viruses have similar Ag’s and must be differentiated using RFLP (Restriction Fragment Length Profile)
    • Caprine Herpesvirus
    • Bovine Herpesvirus
  47. What herpes viruses infect horses? Which is the most pathologic?
    • EHV1 (most pathologic)
    • EHV4
    • Equine Herpesvirus 3
  48. How is Equine Herpesvirus Dx’d?
    • Type specific PCR amplification of genome fragments
    • Paired Serum Sample for detection of immune response
  49. What Equine Herpes Virus Vx’s are used for prevention?
    • Inactivated EHV1 & EHV4 (Combo Vx)
    • (Live attenuated available, but not as effective)
  50. What virus => C/S, Gasping, Rales, Conjunctivitis, Resp. Distress, Expectoration of Bloody mucus & Reduced Egg Prod in Chickens (+/- turkey and pheasant)?
    • Laryngotracheitis Virus
    • (Infectious Laryngotracheitis, herpesviridae)
  51. What virus matures to infective stages within the feather follicle?
    • Marek’s Dz
    • (herpesvirus)
  52. Which virus is prevented with Vx during egg incubation? At what day is it given?
    • Marek’s Dz (Herpes virus)
    • Day 18
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