Josh's Spelling Words

  1. ran
    The dog ran after the cat.
  2. tap
    Please do not tap on the glass.
  3. hit
    It is not nice to hit others.
  4. top
    Put the ketchup on top of the hot dog.
  5. hat
    Wear your hat to keep your ears warm.
  6. bit
    I bit into the cookie.
  7. wig
    Mrs. Brown wears a wig.
  8. box
    I have a box of crayons.
  9. pal
    James is my best pal.
  10. kid
    A baby goat is called a kid.
  11. fog
    It is hard to see in the fog.
  12. mop
    I like to mop the floor.
  13. bad
    Brussel sprouts taste bad!
  14. ham
    I like to eat ham sandwiches.
  15. fit
    My feet and grew and my shoes would not fit.
  16. dip
    I like to dip my pizza in ranch dressing.
  17. crib
    A baby sleeps in a crib.
  18. hit
    Do not hit your sister.
  19. slam
    I can make a slam dunk in basketball.
  20. chat
    I like to chat with my friends at lunch time.
  21. slip
    Walking on ice can make you slip.
  22. map
    I like to see my house on a map.
  23. snap
    I can snap my fingers.
  24. chip
    The plate has a chip in it.
  25. clap
    I clap when I see something I like.
  26. mix
    I use the big spoon to mix the batter.
  27. flat
    Pita bread is flat.
  28. pan
    I cook eggs in a pan.
  29. pin
    I use a pin to put things on my bulletin board.
  30. man
    When I get older, I will be a man.
  31. ship
    I would like to ride on a ship.
  32. chin
    I spill milk on my chin when I eat cereal.
  33. nap
    When I was a baby, I took a nap.
  34. fix
    I know how to fix my own lunch.
  35. sit
    I like to sit on my skateboard.
  36. flip
    I can do a flip.
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