Internet Definitions

  1. URL
    uniform resource locator. it's the address of each website
  2. Cookie
    internet's way of keeping track of you. a small program that is built into a web page you might visit
  3. Bookmark
    same as "favorites" a way for your browser to keep track of sites that you like
  4. Link
    same as hyperlink
  5. Reload or Refresh
    brings your comuter to the same page you're looking at with updated information on it
  6. Netiquette
    the proper way to behave online
  7. Browser
    short for web browser, it is the tool (software program) that allows you to surf the web. Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox.
  8. Domain Name
    the highest level name of the website
  9. Keyword
    a word you might use to search for a website
  10. Hacker
    also known as a cracker, a person who breaks into a site through a computer's security
  11. http
    Hypertext Transfer Protocol. protocol that defines how meesages are formatted and transmitted over the World Wide Web.
  12. TCP/IP
    Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. Protocol that connects computers to the internet. Tells computers how to exchange information over the internet.
  13. Hyperlink
    will take you from one internet site to the next with a simple click of your mouse. same as a link.
  14. FTP
    File Transfer Protocol. it's the tool you would use to transfer files through the internet from one computer to another.
  15. Virus
    a program that has been written, usually by a hacker, to cause corruption of data on a computer. attached to an executable file that spreads from one file to anotheronce the program is executed
  16. worm
    a virus that makes many copies of itself, resulting in the consumption of system resources that slows down or halts tasks
  17. Time Bomb
    a virus that does not cause damage until a certian date or until the system has been booted a certain amount of times
  18. Logic Bombs
    a virus triggered by the appearence or disapearence of specified data
  19. trojan horses
    a virus does something different from what is expected to do
  20. shareware
    software you can use for free for a certian periodof time
  21. Computer Piracy
    Illegal copying or use of software
  22. Spider
    a program that searches the web looking for links
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