Social Studies Chapter 2-Drew

  1. People use the forests of the Piedmont Region for:
  2. Spartanburg is sometimes called:
    Fresh Peach Capital of the South
  3. This Region has wide river valleys and monadnocks:
  4. This Region has the remains of South Carolina's old coastline:
  5. This Region of South Carolina is located in the northwest part.
    Blue Ridge
  6. This Region borders the esast side of the Sandhills.
    Inner Coastal Plain
  7. Two important industries in the Piedmont Region are:
    Textiles and Peaches
  8. The Blue Ridge Region has these physical features:
    Mountains and Waterfalls
  9. This is an important industry in the Coastal Zone Region.
  10. Textile mills were built along fall lines because:
    Water provided power to machines in the hills.
  11. This Region is the center of the state's cotton production:
    Inner Coastal Plain
  12. These physical features are common along South Carolina's coast:
    Beaches and marshes
  13. These border the Outer Coastal Plain:
    The Inner Coastal Plain and the Coastal Zone
  14. Santee Canal allowed goods to be shipped from:
    Columbia and Charleston
  15. Railroads where built into the swamps of the Outer Coastal Plain Region to:
    Carry out lumber
  16. These are natural resources that were once important to business in the Blue Ridge but are now protected:
  17. This is located in the Piedmont region:
  18. These were left behind when the ocean retreated and uncovered half of South Carolina:
    Sand dunes
  19. The Sandhills and the Inner Coastal Plain are similar because they both have:
    Rolling hills.
  20. People have changed the Outer Coastal Plain region by:
    Draining some swamps for farming.
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