Flirting Phrases in Spanish

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  1. You have beautiful eyes.
    Tienes bonitos ojos.
  2. You look nice today.
    Te vez bonito.
  3. I enjoy being with you.
    Me gusta estar contigo.
  4. I have a lot of fun when I'm with you.
    Me divierto mucho cuando estoy contigo.
  5. I'll never forget you.
    Nunca te voy a olvidar.
  6. One day I'll make you mine.
    Un día te voy a hacer mio.
  7. I only want to be with you.
    Solo quiero estar contigo
  8. I'm not happy without you.
    No estoy feliz sin ti.
  9. I can't forget you.
    No te puedo olvidar.
  10. You're my happiness.
    Tu eres mi felicidad.
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