Spanish Verbs/expressions 3

  1. abrir
    to open
  2. aprender
    to learn
  3. asistir (a)
    to attend
  4. beber
    to drink
  5. comer
    to eat
  6. compartir
    to share
  7. comprender
    to understand
  8. correr
    to run
  9. creer (en)
    to believe (in)
  10. deber (+inf.)
    to have to; should
  11. decidir
    to decide
  12. describir
    to describe
  13. escribir
    to write
  14. leer
    to read
  15. recibir
    to receive
  16. tener
    to have
  17. venir
    to come
  18. vivir
    to live
  19. tener...anos
    to be .... years old
  20. tener (mucho) calor
    to be (very) hot
  21. tener (mucho) cuidado
    to be (very) careful
  22. tener (mucho) frio
    to be very cold
  23. tener ganas de (+ inf.)
    to feel like (doing something)
  24. tener (mucha hambre)
    to be vey hungry
  25. tener (mucho)
    to be very afraid/scared
  26. tener (mucha) prisa
    to be in a (big) hurry
  27. tener que (+ inf)
    to have to (do something)
  28. tener razón (acento over o)
    to be right
  29. no tener razón
    to be wrong
  30. tener (mucha) sed
    to be very thirsty
  31. tener (mucho) sueno
    to be (very) sleepy
  32. tener (muchas) suerte
    to be (very) lucky
  33. aprobar
    to pass
  34. la asignatura (Espn.)
    la clase, el curso
  35. la clase anual
    year-long course
  36. el examen parcial
    midterm exam
  37. la facultad
    department, school
  38. la investigacion
  39. reprobar (suspender (ESP.) )
    to fail
  40. sacar buenas/ malas notas
    to get good/bad grades
  41. tomar apuntes
    to take notes
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Spanish Verbs/expressions 3
Spanish Verbs/Expressions 3