1. Define Conservation.
    Conservation is working to save resources or make them last longer.
  2. Define Continent. (you will need to label on a map)
    A continent is one of the 7 main land across areas on Earth.
  3. What is geography?
    Geography is the study of Earth and its people.
  4. What is a globe?
    A globe is a model of Earth.
  5. Define Landform.
    A landform is a kind of land with a special shape such as mountains, hill, plains or deserts.
  6. What are Natural Resources?
    A natural resource is something found in nature that people can use to meet their needs.
  7. Give an example of a natural resource.
    Water, soil and trees
  8. What is a suburb?
    A suburb is a community near a large city. Monmouth Beach is a suburb of New York City.
  9. Define Climate.
    Climate is the kind of weather a place has over a long period of time.
  10. What are the 3 R's?
    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  11. Give an example of each of the 3R's and the definition of each.
    • Reduce: make less garbage, ex. use cloth napkins, use a lunch box, use your own shopping bags
    • Reuse: to use again for another purpose, ex. a can for pencils, a container for collection to hold leftovers
    • Recycle: to use to make more of the same, ex. glass, cans, plastic, cardboard and newspaper
  12. How do we use the natural resource of trees?
    To build homes, to make paper, and they give us oxygen in the air.
  13. How do we use soil as a Natural Resource?
    To grow crops for food, animals graze on the plants we eat
  14. How do we use the natural resource water?
    We use water for drinking, to clean things and to make electricity!
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