Migration and Politics

  1. Before 1980:
    Immigrants had little effect on natives

    Immigrant concentration raised native employment - immigrants purchase goods
  2. 1980s: uneducated, unskilled immigrants
    • Lowered earnings of natives
    • Oversupply of cheap immigrant labor, oversupply of cheap native labor
  3. Immigrants are a burden to welfare state = Myth
    • Ripped off by taxpayers
    • Young workers - social security, Medicare taxes
    • Low fertility rate
    • State sale taxes, local property taxes, gasoline taxes, unemployment insurance and worker's compensation taxes
    • If legal, less social benefits than natives
    • If illegal, denied all welfare benefits
  4. Nativist Protest: Driven by economic downturns
    Unemployment, downward mobility, declines in income
  5. Public policies towards immigration
    Determine intensity of anti-immigration violence
  6. Anti-immigrant groups are concentrated where
    there are lots of immigrants
  7. Nativism is widespared among
    rich democracies
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