US history

  1. The sale and survey of Native American land nothwest of the Ohio River.
    Northwest Territory
  2. Americans were able to get land on credit and federal land offices appeared across the west.
    Land Act 1800
  3. Europeans were back at war harassing American ships in the Atlantic. The embargo halted all trade with Europeans and prohibited all exports out of America.
    Embargo Act of 1807
  4. Napolean needed cash for troops and sold it to us. U.S doubles in size for $15 million.
    The Louisiana Purchase
  5. Financial Policy
    Jefferson reduces taxes, size of the army and military
  6. Reasons for the Lewis and Clark Expdeition
    • 1. Find the headwaters of the missouri river
    • 2. Locate the nothwest passage
    • 3. Establish contact with the Natives
    • 4. Find resources
  7. The first time the supreme court used the judicial review
    Marburry vs. Madison
  8. War of 1812
    • U.S declared war on Britain
    • British ships arrive at Chesapeke Bay
    • Starts D.C. on fire
    • Treaty of Ghent
    • Battle of New Orleans (makes Andrew Jackson a national hero and gave Americans something to brag about)
  9. The desire for Americans to control the entire contnent from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
    Manifest Destiny
  10. 1820, slavery would be permitted in Missouri and sourth of the border. States north of missouri would be free
    Missouri Compromise
  11. Mexican American War
    • U.S recives more than 500,000 square miles of Mexican Territory. Border of Mexico is set at the Rio Grande River. Completed the Dream of Manifest Destiny.
    • Gold is dicovered in 1848 that sent 100,000 people west.
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