Lecture: WWII

  1. Executive Order 8802:
    there couldn't be any discrimination in hiring within the federal government
  2. Most blacks in the federal bureaucracy - janitors
    Only served as servants in the navy
  3. 700,000 blacks enrolling in the army to
    move forward, advance, end discrimination
  4. Northern Blacks went to South for training
    Saw blatant segregation
  5. _____ Hispanics joined armed forces
    Half a million
  6. Enemy Aliens- Stopped their processes for becoming a citizen
    • Couldn't own things that might be used for sabotage: camera / radios
    • Germans and Italians were treated fairly well
  7. Italians
    • 600,000 Italians in 1940s
    • Generally treated well
    • Reapply for naturalization in a few months
  8. Jews
    • Lots of pressure by Jews for government to change the immigration quotas
    • America pressured other countries to take in refugees
  9. ______________ wrote a report: Report to the Secretary on the Acquiescence of This Government on the Murder of the Jews
    Morgenthou (only Jew in FDR's cabinet)
  10. ____ created War Refuge Board - set up refugee camps in ______, ______ : existed for 18 months
    FDR, N. Africa, Italy
  11. Japanese
    Were banned in 1934 National Origins Act
  12. Quarter of a million Japaense, half in Hawaii
    Tended to be fairly wealthy
  13. Other Japanese in West Coast: 110,000
    • Mainly farmers
    • Small business people
    • Were feared that they would be enemy aliens: help Japanese invade the west coast
  14. 1942: FDR - designated military areas and
    controlled who would be in those areas
    • Used this to move against Japanese
    • Ordered all of Japanese on West Coast to leave
    • Nobody would take them
  15. FDR: War Relocation Board
    • Built relocation camps in interior Colorado, Utah
    • Minimum security prisons
  16. 18,000 Japanese were released from the camps
    • Fought for Americans in the war
    • Most fought in the 44nd Regimental Combat Unit
    • Fought in Italy
    • Most decorated unit in the war
  17. Picked Germans : BEST option
    • Don't want white: more money
    • Don't want A.A: more money
    • Don't want Japanese: second race problem
  18. Why did the government agree?
    • Had to employ POWs
    • Beneficial for crop owners & U.S
    • U.S gets majority of the wages
    • They wanted to go back to the cheap black labor after the WWII
    • Wanted a temporary work force
  19. Color line got blurry
    • Creation of Jim Crow system : Established color line
    • Concern about blurring
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