Three Centuries of Irish Immigration to the United States

  1. The Irish immigrants who came in the middle of the 19th century
    made the biggest impact on America's society
  2. Irish immigration can be divided into 4 eras
    • pre-1840s
    • late 1840s to early 1850s
    • 1850s through 1880s
    • 1970s through 1980s
  3. Similarities of all waves:
    • All came for economic reasons - to escape poverty
    • All were "ardent institution builders" in America
    • Transformed American Catholic Churches into an Irish institution
    • Permanent immigration
  4. Irish immigrants weren't always Catholic. First immigrants were
  5. Irish Revolution displaced traditional Catholic majority and minor Presbyterians. Catholic landowners lost ____, _____ became poor and they wanted to move out.
    Land, Irish
  6. Economic change from ____ economy to commercial agriculture contributed to flow out of Ireland.
    Primitive woodland
  7. Irish ___ outnumbered ___
    Men, Women
  8. Irish settled more in ____ areas but some did settle in the _____.
    Urban, countryside
  9. Famine exodus : anyone who could afford to get out just left. There was no _____: where to go, when to go, who should go
  10. Uniqueness of famine emigration
    • Winter migration
    • Equally divided between all ages and both genders
  11. Irish Immigrants of Potato Famine
    • Needed more assistance
    • More dependent
    • Felt trapped
    • Settled mostly in New York, Boston and Philadelphia
  12. Sterotypes:
    • Drunken
    • Primitive
    • Stupid
  13. Irish success in politics angered Americans
    • Democratic party
    • Zealous
    • Superb timing - when cities began to take on more functions
  14. Postfamine-Migration: 1850-1920
    More female
  15. Irish women worked as ____
    Domestic servants
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