1. Preschool children face two key conflicts relating to psychosocial development. the goal is for these children to develop a sense of ________ and _________.
    c. initiative ; autonomy
  2. Preschool children's self concept reflects their cultural values. Children who represent a __________ orientation demonstrate values of interdependence, while children from ___________ orientation demonstrate values of independence.
    d. collectivist; individualistic
  3. Tain had very mixed feelings about his racial background. He was proud of the cultural practices that were a part of his family birthday celebrations, but when his mother asked him waht he wanted to share with his play group for his birthday, he immediately responded that he wanted a spongebob cake JUST LIKE bobby's. Tian's desire for this cake MOST likely demonstrates
    b. race dissonance
  4. All of the following are ways that gender developement may be influenced by the biological approach except
    • a. prenatal hormone exposure
    • b. structural differences in the brain
    • d. natural selection
  5. George and jerry were involved in play that is typical for preschool children. As Jerry played with some blocks, George was playing with some small cars . while the two boys sat in close proximity, there was little or no interaction. Jerry and George are involved in
    d. parallel play
  6. Childrens emerging ability to explain how others think and the reasons for why others behave as they do is known as
    a. theory of mind
  7. Children of __________ parents tend to be withdrawn, showing little sociability. They are not very friendly andtheir parents are not very responsive to their needs.
    d. uninvolved
  8. For most children in Western cultures, _________ parenting works best
    a. authoritive
  9. When one preschool age child brought a deck of cards to preschool he was excited that other children wanted to play cards with him. Although the children seemed to each be playing a game with slightly different rules, they didn't appear to notive and were happy to abide by all the rules they knew. these children are demonstrating which level of piaget's theory of moral development?
    a. heteronomous morality
  10. Four year old richard wants a toy that another child has. Ricahrd approaches sthe child and hits him on the arm, knocking the toy out of his hand. Richard then runs off with the toy. what kind of aggression is Richard Displaying?
    b. instrumental aggression
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