LTC WK 4 meds

  1. Generic: Lisinopril
    • Brand: zestril
    • class: ACE inhibitors
    • action: blocks conversion of angio. I to vasoconstircter angio II
    • Lab: BUN, sodium, creatinine
  2. Brand: Flomax
    • Generic: Tsmdulosin
    • class: antiadrenergics
    • action: decrease contractions in smooth muscle of prostatic capsule
    • lab: I & O, BUN, creatinine
  3. Generic: Metformin
    • Brand: Glucophage
    • class: antidiabetics
    • action: decreases glucose production and absorption, increases sensitivity to insulin
    • lab: sodium, glucose, blood pH, BUN, creatinine, vitamin B12
  4. Brand: Banitrol
    • class: antiiarrheals
    • action: absorbs and traps bacteria C diff by reducing bacterial load with elimination; promotes good bacteria
    • lab: potassium
  5. Generic: Digoxin
    • Brand: lanoxin
    • class: antiarrhythmics
    • action: increases the force of myocardial contraction. prolongs refractory period of the AV node. decreases conduction through the SA and AV nodes
    • lab: potassium, magnesium, calcium, digoxin level 1.87
  6. Brand: Aricept
    • Generic: Donepezil
    • class: cholinergics
    • action: inhibits acetylcholinestrase thus improving cholinergic function by making more acetylcholine available.
    • lab: caution with pts on NSAIDS and with underlying cardiac disease
  7. Generic: Glimepiride
    • Brand: Amaryl
    • class: antidiabetics
    • action: lower blood glucose by stimulating the release of inslulin and increasing the sensitivity to insulin at receptor site
    • lab: glucose, glyocsylated hemoglobin, BUN, CBC
  8. Vitamin D
    • Class: Fat soluble vitamin
    • action: hlps body absorb calcium and monitor parathyroid hormone contentrations
    • lab: calcium, phosphate
  9. Brand: Tylenol
    • Generic: acetaminophen
    • class: nonopiod analgesics
    • action: inhibits the synthesis of protaglandins, primary in CNS
    • lab: BUN, renal function
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