Music History Midterm--Essay Questions

  1. Describe the development of opera in the early seventeenth century. In
    what sense was Greek tragedy a model for opera? What did the members of the
    Florentine Camerata do to promote the revival of Greek ideals that ultimately
    led to opera? How were these ideals manifested in the music? Please describe at
    least two musical examples in support of your answer.
  2. How was music supported
    financially in the seventeenth century, and by whom? How did the situation
    differ in various countries, and how did this affect music? Please provide
    examples of composers and/or musical works in support of your answer.
  3. What new concepts or
    procedures were developed in the period 1600–1650 as composers sought to find
    ways to capture human emotions in music? Please provide two musical examples in
    support of your answer.
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Music History Midterm--Essay Questions
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