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  1. What unit of measurement is common to both the English system and to the metric system?
  2. What is the basis for metric units of length?
  3. The mil is a measure of length equalto one one-thousandth of a/an..
  4. What term defines the quantity of matter that a body contains?
  5. A given object will weigh the most under which of the following conditions?
    When located at one of the earth’s poles
  6. Dynes and newtons are used in themetric system as units of
  7. The knot is a derived unit that combines the unit of distance with the unit of
  8. Under which of the following conditions may the term velocity be used in place of speed?
    Only if the motion of the body is in a straight path in a given direction
  9. All units of power involve which ofthe following measurements?
    Force, distance, and time
  10. All matter, regardless of its form,has mass and which of the following characteristics?
    It occupies space
  11. Matter exists in three natural states. Of the following lists,which one contains the states of matter?
    Solid, liquid, and gas
  12. The reluctance of an object tochange its speed, direction, orposition of rest is known as
  13. What term describes the quantitative measure of inertia?
  14. What name is given to the spacethrough which action-at-a-distance forces are effective?
    Force field
  15. A vector has which of the following quantities?
    Magnitude and direction only
  16. The attractive force exerted on abody by the earth is known as
  17. The weight of a body is determined by calculating the
    force on the body exerted by gravity
  18. What mathematical calculation should you use to determine the specific gravity of a substance?
    Divide the weight of the substance by the weight of an equal volume of water
  19. Over a given surface under pressure,what is the relationship between force per unit area and pressure?
    Force is constant regardless of pressure changes
  20. A mass in motion is stopped. What happens to its kinetic energy?
    It is converted to other forms of energy
  21. Which of the following statements describes an ion?
    An atom with an overall neutral electrical charge
  22. The mass, and consequently theweight, of an atom is contained almost entirely in the
  23. What is indicated by the atomic number assigned to an element?
    The number of protons in its nucleus
  24. By what means can you determine the total number of protons and neutrons in an atom?
    By its atomic weight
  25. Valence bonds hold ions together andform them into molecules. This action results from interaction between
    outer-shell electrons
  26. What is the result of elements physically combining without undergoing a chemical change?
    A mixture
  27. Molecules are constantly in motionin which of the following substances?
    Gases, solids, and liquids
  28. Which of the following metals has the highest property of elasticity?
  29. The accepted theory of gases assumes that gas molecules possess which ofthe following properties?
    They exert equal pressure at all points on enclosing surfaces
  30. According to the kinetic theory,which of the following statements iscorrect concerning gases when absolute zero temperature is reached?
    It is the temperature at whichall molecular activity stops
  31. Under some conditions, it is possible for the center of gravityto revolve around the center of
  32. In the study of masses in motion,which of the following is a description of the term acceleration?
    A change in the body’s speed ordirection of travel
  33. The equations F = ma and a = F÷mgiven in the text are mathematical forms of Newton’s second law of motion. What do they indicate?
    The mass of a body is dependent upon the acceleration it is give
  34. An automobile of a given mass traveling 60 MPH has the same momentum as one having twice that mass and traveling at what velocity?
    30 MPH
  35. For a body to possess kinetic energy, it must be in which of thefollowing conditions?
    In motion
  36. Increasing the mechanical advantageof force in a system affects theapplied force by
    requiring less total energy to do the same work
  37. Relative to the center of revolution,the direction of (a) centrifugal force and (b) centripetal force is in what direction?
    (a) Toward (b) away from
  38. The velocity of a wave depends onwhich of the following factors?
    The type of wave and the medium through which it travels
  39. A single disturbance induced into amedium is known as a
    wave pulse
  40. Which of the following is an exampleof waves that are both transverse and longitudinal?
    Water waves
  41. The theory of radiation of energytreats radio, radar, and heat wavesas belonging to the same generalform of energy. What is theprinciple difference between thesewaves?
  42. At what temperature does the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales coincide?
    40° below zero
  43. What two temperature scales havetheir zero points corresponding to absolute zero?
    Kelvin and Rankine
  44. Copper wires are not used forconductors through the glass envelopes of electron tubes for whichof the following reasons?
    Copper and glass do not have thesame expansion rate
  45. The total increase in size of an object when heated depends on the amount of temperature change and which of the following factors?
    Its coefficient of expansion
  46. For some uses, solid thermometers are more suitable than liquid-filled thermometers for which of thefollowing reasons?
    Liquid thermometers have a limited temperature range
  47. The heat required to change a solid into a liquid with no change intemperature is known as the heat of
  48. Of several transparent substances,which one has the largest index of refraction?
    The one with the greatest thickness
  49. A simple lens that is thicker in the center than at the edges is known as a
    positive or convergent lens
  50. In a given medium, the color of alight wave is determined by which of the following factors?
    The frequency only
  51. Of the several factors affecting sound velocity in any medium, whichones have the greatest effect?
    Density and elasticity of the medium
  52. What is the minimum change in thesound level that the human ear can detect?
    1.0 dB
  53. The audio power output from a speaker would double if the sound intensitywere increased by what amount?
    3 dB
  54. What does a vu meter indicate?
    The number of decibels above or below the input reference volume level
  55. Sound waves striking a highly reflective surface
  56. A vibrating force applied to an object at the object’s natural vibrating frequency
  57. Two sound waves of slightly different frequency moving in the same direction
    Beat note
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