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  1. Geneticists often make controlled matings to infer the underlying mode of inheritance for traits. The individuals chosen for the original mating are referred to as the parental (P) generation. Their offspring are referred to as the _____generation (first filial generation). If individuals from the first generation are crossed, their offspring represent the _____ generation (second filial generation).
    F1, F2
  2. The physical or physiologically measurable expression of the genes is referred to as the ______. 
  3. A diploid individual may have two identical messages for a gene (_______) or have two different messages (______).
    Homozygous, heterozygous
  4. Phenotypic ratio- ______,Genotypic ratio- ______
    3:1, 1:2:1
  5. Because mammalian females can only produce gametes that contain X chromosomes they are called ________; males can produce gametes having either X or Y chromosomes and are called _______.
  6. The phenotypic and genotypic ratios for F2 of a dihybrid cross where the genes are on different chromosomes are: Genotypic- _______, Phenotypic- ______.
    1:2:1:2:4:2:1:2:1, 9:3:3:1
  7. If an individual that is a double heterozygote (AaBb) is test crossed the phenotypic ratios of the offspring are:
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