Lieutenant Rules and regs

  1. Members of the department, when on duty, shall upon request, furnish __________ and ________ to any person
    Name and duty assignment
  2. Members of the dept., while on duty or while wearing the FD uniform or on off duty, shall not engage in any political activity except to____
    exercise the right of sufferage
  3. Members of the dept shall not feign illness, avoid responsibility or_____________
    attempt to shirk their duty.
  4. Every member of the dept wearing the class A uniform shall _______________ to the chief of the dept and other superior officers.
    render a hand salute at appropriate times
  5. Amy member of the department who sustains an injury while on duty, shall ______________ or ___________ the commanding officer/supervisor.
    promptly notify or cause to be notified
  6. Every member of the dept shall within _______ , report any changes in marital status, draft status, residence, telephone # or anyother personal info kept by the department
    5 days
  7. In accordance with FD policy, every member shall take particular care to ________and_______ any potential evidence of arson or other crime.
    protect and preserve
  8. Every FD member when wearing the uniform, on or off duty, shall _______
    wear it in the manner prescribed by the dept.
  9. Members of the dept. shall not wear their uniforms or any part thereof, in any manner at any ____________ that would ____________
    functions, performances, gatherings that would demean or bring disrespect to the member, uniform or dept.
  10. Any FD member who, through malice, negligence or carelessness, damages or loses any FD property shall ________ the dept for the ____ the property involved
    be required to reimburse the cost of replacing
  11. Members of the dept under suspension from duty are required to turn over to their commanding officer their _________
    Badges and FD ID cards
  12. The county ______may, upon written recommendation of the fire chief, grant leave without pay for up to ________ for members who present a valid and sufficient reason for such leave
    director of human resources 1 year
  13. Employment outside the FD during such leave may cause ______
    the leave to be terminated
  14. No person shall be allowed access, nor to be allowed to _____ or ____ from any dept record, unless authorized by the chief or dept policy
    make a transcript or copy
  15. T/F Any member of the dept who is charged with a criminal offense, summoned or arrested must, as soon as practical, notify their commanding officer
    False, with the exception of minor traffic offenses that will not affect the members ability to perform their duty
  16. Any FD member who institutes any civil action which involves the dept shall notify _____ of such action as soon as practical
    fire chief
  17. Dept members may not in any way, use their affiliation with the dept to ______ or ______ thier business
    promote or otherwise enhance
  18. The fire chief shall, by _________, notify the employee that his secondary employment privilege is revoked.
    registered mail
  19. Progressive discipline is a ___________ concept
  20. Charges may be placed against a FD member for any violation (either by ________ or ________) of the dept's rules and regs
    omission or commission
  21. When instituting formal proceedings for disciplinary action, charges and specifications are to be submitted in writing to the ____________ and ________
    hearing officer and subordinate (member charged)
  22. T/F Substituting captains can serve as a hearing officer.
    F Battalion chief or higher
  23. The hearing officer shall within ____________, exclusive of holidays and leave day applicable, conduct a hearing of the case at which the officer initiating the charge and the member charged are present
    3 days
  24. The hearing officer shall within ____ after the hearing, issue a written decision of the case
    5 days
  25. If the finding is guilty, disciplinary action may be imposed, with the approval of _______
    the fire chief
  26. Said disciplinary action may consist of any or all of what 4 options?
    • verbal/written reprimand
    • suspension w/o pay for up to 4 days
    • forfeiture of up to 4 days leave
    • transfer within the members battalion
  27. In cases inappropriate for handling by the hearing officer, the HO shall refer the matter to ___________ for handling by an ______
    • fire chief
    • administrative hearing board
  28. within ____- of receipt of HO decision, the charged shall indicate on the ______ of the decision if the disciplinary action is accepted
    • 48 hours
    • second copy
  29. T/F The HO may deny any request for appeal if not filed within the stated time limit
  30. Upon receipt of HO referral or appeal, an administrative hearing board shall be appointed by _______ to conduct a hearing and recommend a disposition within __________
    • fire chief
    • 21 days
  31. An admin hearing board shall consist of 3 members, 2 of which must be __________ and ____________
    • division chief
    • member of dept of equal rank to the member charged
  32. The chairman of the admin hearing board shall ensure a copy of the charges is provided to the member not less than _____________ before the boards first session
    5 days
  33. The board shall submit its recommendation to the chief and member charges no later then __________ after the boards last meeting
    2 days
  34. The admin board may recommend what 6 options
    • dismissal of charges
    • guilty and impose previous discipline
    • guilty and increase or reduce the discipline
    • dismissal from FD
    • transfer within the dept
    • suspension from duty w/o pay
  35. The chief shall within _________ of receiving the boards recommendation approve or disapprove and notify all parties by written memorandum
    5 working days
  36. The member charged may, within ______________ after the chiefs final decision is issued, appeal the decision.
    5 days
  37. The appeal of the chiefs decision shall be made in writing to the _________
    county administrative officer
  38. What 3 decisions may cause the county administrative officer issue, upon receipt of the appeal
    • deny the appeal
    • grant the appeal and overrule or modify the chiefs decison
    • refer the matter to a trial board
  39. Announcement of fire/police openings shall be posted on the office of HR bulletin board for at least ___________ working days prior to holding the entrance exam
    5 working days
  40. A minimum passing grade for the entrance exam is established by _____________ and ____________
    • director of HR
    • chief of the respective dept
  41. List of eligible applicants for police/fire shall stand for ____________ and __________ unless ________
    • 6 months
    • director of HR calls for a new exam
  42. T/F Probationary employees are afforded the opportunity of a hearing before a trial board
  43. The director of HR, upon recommendation of the chief, may reinstate fire/police employees within ____ of the effective date of resignation
    24 months
  44. T/F Only a battalion chief or higher can effect a summary suspension
  45. Upon summary suspension, the suspending ranking officer shall deliver a written report, thru channels, to the ____________ within ________ after the suspension has been invoked
    • asst fire chief
    • 24 hours
  46. The asst chief shall not continue the suspension for more then an additional ________________
    15 calendar days
  47. Any employee intending to resign is expected to give _____________ to his ______________
    • adequate notice
    • immediate supervisor
  48. The 2 criteria for former employees being re-sworn into the dept is ____________ and _________
    • separation from employment w/o prejudice
    • employee is previously certified as eligible for rehire
  49. The ____________ may issue appropriate appraisal forms to accomplish employee evaluations
    director of HR
  50. When a summary suspension is continued an investigative report of the circumstances which invoked the summary suspension, shall be made to the ____________ by the _____________
    • dept chief
    • deputy chief
  51. the dept chief may _____,___________ or ____________ the recommendations of the deputy chief
    accept, reject or modify
  52. Any disciplinary penalty imposed by the chief must have the approval of the _________
    administrative officer
  53. Disciplinary penalties in summery suspensions can be (1) or a combination of what 5 options?
    • vac leave loss not to exceed leave earned in one calendar year
    • forfeiture of off days
    • assignment to additional duty/special detail
    • transfer within the dept
    • employee remain in suspended status for 15 days from suspension invocation
  54. The _ may modify/amend any charges/specifications brought before him, by the _____________ before the charges are officially filed against the employee
    • Administrative officer
    • fire chief
  55. After the official filing of charges with the ____________ he may continue the summery suspension for a period not to exceed ________, which (shall be in addition) to the original _______ suspension
    • administrative officer
    • 30 calendar days
    • 15 calendar days
  56. During the additional 30 day suspension period, a hearing on the charges shall be held before _________ unless ___________
    • a trial board
    • postponement is requested and granted
  57. One postponement, not to exceed ____ may be granted by the ____ provided it is received in writing no less then ____________ before the hearing date .
    • 15 calendar days
    • chairman of the trial board
    • 48 hours
  58. In any event all hearings must be held within ____________ from the day of the filing
    60 days
  59. Any employee suspended shall be relieved of all official duties, placed in a ________and surrender ___________ issued by the dept
    • leave without pay status
    • all official equipment
  60. An administrative suspension shall be one placed in effect only by _________
    the fire chief
  61. No employee under suspension will be considered for _______________. However any employee under suspension shall be __________
    • promotion
    • eligible to take a promotional exam
  62. Trial board hearings shall be conducted in public and have the power to _____________,________ and ___________
    • administer oaths
    • compel the attendance of witnesses
    • and require the production of records in connection with the hearing
  63. The _____ or _________ shall act as legal advisor to the trial board
    • county attorney
    • or representative
  64. Any employee who resigns after charges have been filed against him, or who is dismissed by action of the trial board, shall be ineligible for ____ or _____ into the FD
    • re-employment
    • or reinstatement
  65. If a FD employee is charged with a criminal offense, the fire chief can order what 3 decisions?
    • member can continue to perform departmental functions
    • transferred to admin duty pending resolution of the criminal charges
    • suspended without pay pending resolution of the criminal charges
  66. If the employee suspended without pay is found innocent of the criminal charges, the employee shall be ________ with all ________ and _____ restored.
    • reinstated
    • pay
    • privileges
  67. In the FD, ties for vacant positions up to and including the rank of _____________ will be decided as provided in the ____
    • Battalion chief
    • MOU
  68. Employees of the FD will earn sick leave at a rate of ____ per year. Police earn sick leave at a rate of _ per year
    • 12 days
    • 15 days
  69. Once notified, the _____________ may require that a statement be obtained from a licensed physician as to the nature of the disablity
    director of HR
  70. Upon written recommendation from the ______, the _______ may grant unearned sick leave at full pay.
    • fire chief
    • director of HR
  71. Unearned sick leave may only be advanced after the employee has first __________
    used all vacation leave, comp, personal and regularly accumulated sick leave
  72. The maximum extension allowable is __________
    30 days
  73. In the event of unusual circumstances causing hardship to the employee, the ______________ may approve the advance of _______
    • administrative officer
    • unearned sick leave
  74. If an employee terminates while still carrying negative sick leave balance, up to ____________, the leave must be paid back either in ____, ________ or ____
    • 30 days
    • cash deduction from final pay
    • or from employees retirement system account
  75. All unearned sick leave shall be subject to review by the ______ and ______ board
    personnel and salary board
  76. The ______ upon written recommendation of the _____ may approve leave without pay for periods up to ___ for employees presenting valid and sufficient reasons.
    • director of HR
    • fire chief
    • 1 year
  77. Request for leave on excess of ___ must be made by the employee ______
    • 30 days
    • in writing
  78. The ____ shall approve leave without pay for military duty for a period up to _______
    • Director of HR
    • 5 years
  79. An employee may use a total up to ____ of earned sick leave _____ for illness in the immediate family
    • 5 days
    • per calendar year
  80. With the approval of ____ additional sick leave may be used for illness in the immediate family
    Director of HR
  81. Pertaining to adoption, an employee, who is the person primarily responsible for the care and nurture of the child, may use up to ________ of _____
    • 30 days
    • earned sick leave
  82. In the event that both parents are county employees, they may _________ or ________
    • designate the primary or
    • divide the 30 days between them
  83. An employee who shall serve as a member of any jury shall be permitted to be absent from their duties without ________ and without _____
    • any loss of pay
    • charge against any leave credits
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