PdBio Chp 6

  1. The process of blood cell production is called?
  2. In osteolysis the liberated calcium
    A. enters the blood
    B. Enters bone matrix
    C enters bone marrow
    Enters the blood
  3. what characterizes articular cartilage?
    • it functions to reduce friction in joints
    • it cover an epiphysis
    • it is composed of hyaline cartilage
  4. Bones of the skeleton function as ______ that are pulled when skeletal muscles contract
  5. Osteoprogenitor cells produce
    • stem cells
    • a cell that becomes an osteoblast
  6. What are the microscopic parts of bone?
    • trabeculae
    • concentric lamellae
    • circumferential lamellae
    • centralcanal
    • periosteum
    • perforating canal
  7. in intramembranous ossification, newly formed bone that is immature and not well organized is called?
    A. endochondral bone
    B. woven bone
    C. secondary bone
    D. lamellar bone
    Woven Bone
  8. A bone's growth in diameter is called ______ growth
  9. what characterize canaliculi?
    • Nutrients pass through them
    • they contain osteocyte cytoplasmic extensions
    • they extend from lacunae to lacunae.
  10. a thin layer of hyaline cartilage covering an epiphysis of a lone bone is called
    articular cartilage
  11. what artery is inside the bone?
    Nutrient artery
  12. describe an osteon?
    • it is microscopic
    • it contians a central canal
    • it runs parallel to the diaphysis of a long bone
    • it is also called a Haversian systerm
  13. the region of a mature bone between the diaphysis and epiphysis is the ____________
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