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  1. organizing
    to create structures, arranging people and resources to work towards a common purpose
  2. differentiation
    organization is made up of diff. units that work on different kinds of tasks
  3. division of labor
    work is divided into smaller units
  4. specialization
    diff groups perform specific parts of the entire task
  5. integration
    the differentiated units are put back together to create and overall product
  6. organizational pyramid
    top=CEO and presidents (hierarchy), middle management= managers who are in charge of plants or depts, operational management is the lowest level
  7. delegation
    the assignment of new or additional responsibilities to a subordinate
  8. responsibility
    assignment of a task that an employee is supposed to carry out
  9. accountability
    the expectations that employees perform a job, take corrective action when necessary
  10. authority
    the person has the power and the right to make decisions
  11. decentralization
    an organization in which lower-level managers make important decisions
  12. centralization
    an organization in which high-level executives make most decisions and pass them down to lower levels for implementation
  13. departmentalization
    process of creating structures by grouping people together in formal work units
  14. organization chart
    diagram that shows reporting relationships and the formal arrangement of work positions within an organization
  15. functional organization
    jobs are specialized and grouped according to business functions and the skills they require
  16. divisional organization
    groups together people working on the same product, in the same are, have similar customers, or same processes
  17. Matrix Organization
    combines the functional and divisional structures
  18. team structures
    make extensive use of both permanent and temporary teams to solve problems, complete special projects, and accomplish day-to-day tasks
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