Paramedic Vocab Chapter 2

  1. What is an Alarm Reaction?
    It is the body's first "startle" response to a stressor.
  2. What is an Alert Response?
    It is the first reaction in the alarm reaction, in which you immediately stop whatever you are doing and focus on the source of the stimulus.
  3. What is Blind Panic?
    A fear reaction in which a persons judgment seems to disappear entirely; it is particularly dangerous b/c it may precipitate mass panic among others
  4. what is Body Substance Isolation(BSI)?
    It is an infection control concept and practice that assumes that all body fluids are partially infectious.
  5. What is Burnout?
    The exhaustion of physical and/or emotional strength.
  6. What is Conversion Hysteria?
    It is a reaction in which a person subconsciously transforms his or her anxiety into a bodily dysfunction; the person may be unable to see or hear or may become partially paralyzed.
  7. What is a Critical Incident?
    It is an event that overwhelms the ability to cope w/ the experience, either @ the scene or later.
  8. What is Critical Incident Stress Debriefing(CISD)?
    It is a a confidential peer group discussion in which specifically trained teams work w/ emergency personnel who have been involved in traumatic calls or other painful incidents; CISDs usually occur w/in 24-72 hours of the incident.
  9. What are Defense Mechanisms?
    Psychological ways to relieve stress; they are usually automatic or subconscious. Defense Mechanisms include denial, regression, projection, and displacement.
  10. What is Denial?
    It is an early response to a serious medical emergency in which the severity of the emergency is diminished or minimized. Denial is the first coping mechanism for people who believe they are going to die.
  11. What is Displacement?
    A redirection of an emotion from yourself to another person.
  12. What is Distress?
    A type of stress that a person finds overwhelming and debilitating.
  13. What is Eustress?
    A type of stress that motivates an individual to achieve.
  14. What is the Fight-or-Flight Syndrome?
    • A physiological response to a profound stressor that helps one deal w/ the situation @ hand.
    • Features: >sympathetic tone, dilation of the pupils, >HR, dilation of the bronchi, mobilization of glucose, shunting of bld away from the gastrointestinal tract and cerebrum, and >bld flow to the skeletal muscles.
  15. What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)?
    It is a delayed stress reaction before an incident, often the result of one or more unresolved issues concerning the incident.
  16. What is Projection?
    Blaming unacceptable feelings, motives, or desires on others.
  17. What is Regression?
    A return to more childish behavior while under stress.
  18. What is Stress?
    A nonspecific response of the body to any demand.
  19. What is a Stressor?
    Any agent or situation that causes stress.
  20. What are Universal Precautions?
    They are protective measures that have traditionally been developed by the Centers for Disease Control(CDC's) for use in dealing w/ objects, bld, body fluids, or other potential exposure risks of communicable deisease.
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