Paramedic Vocab Chapter 1

  1. What is Alternative Time Sampling?
    Time parameters that are set during a research project.
  2. What is Blinding?
    The method of not giving the specifics of a project to the individuals participating in a research or study.
  3. What does it mean to be Certified?
    It is a title given when a person has shown that he or she has met requirements based on knowledge of certain facts.
  4. What is Convenience Sampling?
    A type of research in which subjects are manually assigned to a specific person or crew, rather than being randomly assigned; the last preferred component of research.
  5. What is Cross-Sectional Research?
    A type of research in which info is gathered from a group of individuals over a specific time frame.
  6. What is Descriptive Research?
    A type of research in which an observation of an event is made, but w/out attempts to alter or change it.
  7. What is EMS?
    A health care system designed to bring immediate on-scene care to those in need along with transport to a definitive medical care facility.
  8. What does Ethical mean?
    It is a behavior expected by an individual or group following a set of rules.
  9. What is Experimental Research?
    It describes a new product, skill, or idea that is undergoing research and will be trialed, w/ the effects evaluated.
  10. What is a Health Care Professional?
    A person who follows specific professional attributes that are outlined in this profession.
  11. What is Inferential?
    A research format that uses a hypothesis to prove one finding from another.
  12. What is the Institutional Review Board(IRB)?
    A group or institution that follows a set of requirements for review that were devised by the US Public Health Service.
  13. What does it mean to be Licensed?
    It is similar to certified; a person who has shown a degree of competency in a specific occupation and is granted ability to function through a governmental body.
  14. What is a Mean?
    The average # in a given research project.
  15. What is the Median?
    The midpoint # in a given research project.
  16. What is Medical Direction?
    Direction given to an EMS service or provider by a physician.
  17. What is a Mobile Intensive Care Unit(MICU)?
    An early title given to an ambulance-style unit.
  18. What is the Mode?
    The most common # in any given research project
  19. What is Off-line Medical Control?
    Medical direction given through a set of protocols, policies, and/or standards.
  20. What is Online Medical Control?
    Medical Direction given in real time to an EMS service or provider.
  21. What are Parameters?
    Outlined measures that may be difficult to obtain in a research project.
  22. What is a Profession?
    A specialized set of knowledge, skills, and/or expertise.
  23. What is a Professional?
    A person who follows expected standards and performance parameters in a specific profession.
  24. What is Prospective Research?
    A specific reason a task or research will be performed before it is started.
  25. What is a Protocol?
    A treatment plan developed for a specific illness or injury.
  26. What does it mean to be Qualitative?
    It is a type of description statistic in research that does not use numerical info.
  27. What does it mean to be Quantitative?
    It is a type of measurement in research that uses a mean, median, and mode.
  28. What does it mean to do something Randomly?
    It is a way of choosing subjects for a research project w/out specific reasons.
  29. What is Reciprocity?
    The process of granting licensing or certification to a provider from another state or agency.
  30. What is Registration?
    Giving info that will be stored in some form of record book.
  31. What is Retrospective Research?
    Research performed from current available info.
  32. What are Sampling Errors?
    They are expected errors that occur in the sampling phase of research.
  33. What is Standard Deviation?
    In research, this outlines how much change from the mean is expected.
  34. What is a Standing Order?
    A type of protocol that a written document signed by the EMS system's medical director that outlines specific directions, permissions, and sometimes prohibitions regarding pt care that is rendered prior to contacting medical control.
  35. What is Systematic Sampling?
    A computer-generated list of subjects or groups for research.
  36. What are Trauma Systems?
    The collaboration of prehospital and in-hospital medicine that focuses on optimizing the use of resourcesand assets of each w/ a primary goal of reducing the mortality and morbidity of trauma pt's.
  37. What is an Unblinded Study?
    A type of study in which the subjects are advised of all aspects of the study.
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